June 4, 2023
9 Tia’s words follow and life doesn’t have a poor word

9 Tia’s words follow and life doesn’t have a poor word

9 Teachings of Tia If you understand all of the points, you will never be until

  1. Tia wake up at 4 am 5 every day Tia said that we wake up first, he works before him Have more time than him, 1 hour a day.

Our life is one hour ahead of others a day, reminiscent of the Chinese word that

Do not sleep late, do not be embarrassed to eat, do not despise the little money, do not wait for happiness

  1. When you start to have money. Don’t spend all your money shopping for self-indulgence.

Must keep the money for further investment in business as well

  1. I often see Tia wearing tight pants, not meticulous to dress neatly like his Thai people. Will be beautiful and good looking It doesn’t make me embarrassed my friend.

So I asked Tia that Why did Tia not dress up as well as other people?

Tia replied that we are Chinese. The stomach has to come before we live in China, we have a lot of trouble to compete and eat.

The red ground is so dry that no one cares about clothes.

Dress story Just to eat, eat, eat well, live well, survive, and be very happy.

But our stomach must be full Our family must eat full. Talk about this immediately I envision Thai children

Starve, eat rice with fish sauce To find money to buy a luxury bag, fifty thousand each immediately floated up ..

  1. Do not pickle with bad people.

The grandchildren went to have a family. If you go to marry a bad person, a bad family, a gangster, addicted to being, selfish, do not love your relatives, do not take anyone

Dong each other was in trouble for the whole family. Because the Chinese people are bonded together Connected as a large family.

  1. Eat one dish. Don’t sell cooked food Single dish

Makes it really delicious, just one thing is enough to be rich.

Food made to order, can’t be done in time, can’t cook a lot. Don’t get rich, get tired first

  1. I have to learn to listen to old songs. Old songs are sweet to listen to.

Your music It’s nothing Shouting loudly Where is the song

  1. If you can’t find a good girlfriend, no one loves, no one is good with your children.

Don’t worry You don’t need to look up and regret looking for anyone. Only daughter can be raised.

  1. As brothers and sisters, you must love a lot. Don’t fight

Do not hit each other, parents will not sleep with their eyes.

  1. There is a temple near the house. Near the community must take care Not just carrying money in the south Go to make merit at that temple

But the temples in their own communities, their villages, do not take care at all. We were born here, raised here, we must take care of our home.

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