June 8, 2023

9 points to say You should be able to save money this year

We should all live. How do you spend money? What adjustments or must you encounter? Let’s see how from now on What will change

  1. The cost of possession will be even higher.

Everything has become more expensive, but the money is lost more than before.

  1. The family has more problems.

In the past, men would be the ones who went out to work and make money. To support the family Women stay at home to take care of household chores.

And raising children, allowing time to be with them at all times But in this era Both parents work outside the home.

And the more the era of losing money, you have to work even more because you can’t get enough money.

  1. Corruption and congestion will increase.

Of course, the more money a person is lost, the more opportunities it will have. Money making it easier for people to register their money, willing to do anything for their money.

  1. The word “financial freedom” will be more intensifying.

Nowadays, everyone likes to talk about More financial freedom Having more incomes than expenditures The way we don’t have to work It is to create financial freedom for yourself.

Which people in the past would prefer to deposit money to take interest, but if looking at the present era We may not be able to do that any more, and even invest in the wrong places. It turns out that we have to work for the rest of our lives.

  1. After the duke 0%, everything will go down further.

That’s because money will overflow the system. But it’s not a lot of money for everyone. When money is overflowing, the system will go into the hands of the rich.

There is a very small number of people compared to the poor, and therefore low spending is achieved, and when the spending is small, the effect is measured.

Is that the merchants do not have people to buy Goods will not be able to sell. The market, shops and stores have no people walking. Most people do not have the money to spend. Provide economic circulation

And when the economy is not good Both the company and the factory had to be shut down.

  1. The money will disappear.

Try it today How much less people start shopping This is not combined with the newly born Vicky Wit.

Until it has a broader impact And if in the future, banks around the world will give you 0% deposit, equal to the person who deposited in the bank will not be able to do it at all.

  1. The inequality will increase.

If the deposit does not have a premium, it will be one of the factors that lead to more imperfections in society.

As well, only a few percent of the rich will be richer. While the poor people who seek the nightlife have no money left to save. Had to work hard like this for the rest of his life

8.Money will rise above the people even more.

As more money is lost, it becomes more valuable and people try to do everything to get it.

Regardless of who From or become hot

  1. The elderly must return to work.

Usually, most people like this age plan before retirement in order to have a sizable sum of money to spend after retirement. It is enough to be able to deposit a bank and hope to collect some interest.

But if the deposit has no interest Will make the lump sum gradually used up And then it turned out that Seniors have to return to work To raise money to support himself again

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