June 8, 2023

6 reasons why Thai people of Chinese descent Most of them are rich

  1. Spending in a ‘value-based’ style

Most Chinese people will focus on what is “worth” for the money to be wasted in this way.

Is to tap the brakes every time before spending money on things Not necessary, which in the end is this concept

Will become a discipline with yourself for a long time to make decisions in the future

  1. Saving money is good.

In addition to the concept of “slow to pay”, you must not forget “collection speed” to build your wealth.

Chinese people save money About 25 percent of the salary, or even half of the total salary at all.

To keep it for use in necessity or to save money in preparation to bring it to buy something special.

  1. Talk about shopping on a regular basis.

Adhere to the guidelines that the more you know the situation of your home finances now

Will be more quickly to find a way to manage the Chinese Will call to talk often to say that the current spending is too much or not.

To prepare a defense plan and help make decisions about finances or other projects in the future to be more “sharp”.

  1. Calculate the numbers carefully if you think you will have debt.

However, if the Chinese people need to incur essential debt, such as buying a house or investing in their own business, then The Chinese people will calculate carefully.

Thoroughly first, for example, calculate the proportion of family income to the debt that is going to happen because he “Unfortunately the money” that must be lost, which is the reward of this resolution itself

Make, before borrowing money, he usually gets a good rate. Chasing a good premium, the best value, and never miss a debt payment because of fear of The breast will bloom until the work grows in

  1. Diligent and diligent to study.

In other words, if you think you want to be “rich”, you will have to generate extra income and grow faster from your professionalism in your career.

Which from this concept Chinese people tend to be very diligent in their studies.

And will always stand out in the professional front no matter what country you live in.

  1. Focus on paying with cash

In fact, cash here is the money in the account or accumulated savings, and most Chinese people use it for their purchases.

Or in other words How much to pay Via debit card or e-wallet Pay instead without being commonly used How much money in the future from a credit card to pay first?

The benefit is that it helps to stay out of control of debt and can accurately track the budget of money in the account as well.

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