June 4, 2023
6 money saving tips Unaware that they are collecting

6 money saving tips Unaware that they are collecting

  1. Take Bonas to save money.

Either as a bonus or getting a refund from anywhere, but if the money is collected

To have increased it We will save the excess money that we do not use. Will allow us to save more money

2.Hook into account automatically

One intention is not enough. Should do financial planning. To be automatic

Where we hardly have to sit The head of how much money must be saved by having to go and talk to the bank.

Request to arrange an automatic money transfer system, just as it will not be arbitrary Or forgot to keep the money accordingly What you want

  1. Change cost As savings

If we have to cancel some expenses such as changing the right mobile pro. Or cancellation of cable TV Of course, there must be money left.

If you don’t collect more money Then take the rest of the money From that we have to pay every month to save more money will be saved.

  1. Salary increase Then keep the difference

Suppose this year the salary has increased by 2,000. Right here in the account Deposits are good because if

We don’t have anything needed. Need extra money Saving money here to use when retiring will be stable

  1. Give each account a name.

When we open a deposit account Is the account name our name or the account number?

Even if we have multiple accounts, the more confused. About what each account will do if you don’t save more

Then write in the front of the account book that

What is this account used for? We may give each account a name, for example: If it’s a savings account to travel

Could be set as What a trip to France like this Let us have fun and save money too

  1. Put the key and lock it.

If there is any money That we do not use And we personally think If you want to save money, put the money in the place where it comes out.

Such as saving money in a deposit card that will make us unable to withdraw money, but pay a small fee, it is suitable for saving money. For before retirement

We can keep the rest of the money with ourselves for use in emergency cases with a minimum of 20,000. Oh, and there are a variety of methods. To make money

Without having to act Save too much if we plan our finances. Of their own good, we will have money

Keep it in place where we really need it. Or used at the time of being old enough “If we are the side that can control our money, we will have both freedom and wealth in our lives. However, if you let the money come in to control it, we will have a hard time until I am overwhelmed. “

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