June 4, 2023
5 poverty pitfalls No matter how diligent it is, it doesn’t get rich Mother and little girl having fun in piggyback ride outdoors.

5 poverty pitfalls No matter how diligent it is, it doesn’t get rich

When children and adults study diligently, they will have a bright future. Many people work very hard.

But why doesn’t my salary increase? Many people work hard. Why doesn’t the boss love me yet? Many people work hard. But why are you still not rich?

Why does the Chinese proverb say To get rid of the hardworking people first ?? Diligent is not good in that. Sentence saying

“Do not work hard, work only hard, you must work smart too.” Is it really enough?

Must know diligence “The pitfall of diligence”

  1. Be diligent in other people’s dreams.

Every successful person will have a dream. Every successful person has his or her own goals.

Diligence is a good thing, however, there is another kind of diligence that seems to be good. But it is the thing that keeps you from being rich.

‘Diligence in creating dreams for others’

People without goals in life It is someone who has to work for someone who has a goal in life.

If you still haven’t found your dream Someone will hire you To make his dreams come true, ask yourself:

Are you diligent now for your dreams, or are you now diligent for other people’s dreams?

  1. Be diligent in doing things you don’t love.

‘Work that I don’t love Will give us a bonus every day… it’s suffering! – Mountain

Many people work hard. Be diligent about work they don’t love. You think do what you love.

With doing things that you do not love, how will your work be of higher quality?

Be willing to do what you love. A loving heart born of faith and trust in what you do, just diligently in what you love.

That belief is the beginning of wealth.

  1. Diligent, focus on quantitative.

Quantitative emphasis means Diligent to make the most of Diligent without caring for that Is the work out of good quality? It takes a lot of time to work. ‘As familiar’

This means how much time have you been ‘familiar’ with working? He will spend that much time on every job, no matter how big or small it is.

Important or not important While wealthy people spend as much time working as ‘should’, which is the most important job?

And big, he’s going to spend a lot of time More fully than other jobs And focus on producing better results Focus on spending a lot of time.

Be diligent and focus on numbers. Focus on quality diligence.

  1. Be diligent in the form

Even if you are hardworking, full of love, dreams and efficiency, you will still be able to become a millionaire. If you are still diligent Is wrong

That is, ‘Diligence, perseverance, indecision and improvement’. Wimangsa review of what is done. Self-review

Review what you think and what you have done in the past that it has good or bad results. How, even though it is our own personal matter.

And is a matter of joint thoughts and actions with other people In order to improve, adjust for the better

  1. Diligent to sell time to exchange money.

Time is very limited if you work hard to sell your time for money. You will never be rich If diligent to sell 8 hours a day.

To the employer Income is therefore limited. If you choose to sell time for money You will never meet Financial freedom and time freedom

Rich people want wealth They think time is a waste Limited services Time cannot be kept And does not flow backward so

They choose diligent to receive the money according to the results of their work. The capitalist world pays according to your skill rate. In response to the lives of others separately

This is the most important golden rule in the capitalist world that you should keep in mind forever, the more you respond to the lives of others, the more they are.

He’s even more willing to pay you a lot. And the more people you can answer, the more The more channels you have, the more money you receive.

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