June 4, 2023
32 things that may happen in our country In the near future Are you ready to cope?

32 things that may happen in our country In the near future Are you ready to cope?

To be able to think about that Will this little bit more of a story become true?

Opinions on the current situation Including various points of interest

  1. At various real estate Increase, but people sink capital.

Especially the condo that we have seen that has been over supply for a long time. The symptoms began to clear. For many reasons Especially with those who recommend

Let people sink a loan, such as teaching people to borrow a lot of money because they get a broker, for example, someone who has never had a condo loan. There were five people teaching lending at the same time Fifty thousand salary

Borrowing five condos at the same time Because there has never been a history and will pass at the same time Have exceeded the amount of money Millions and tens of millions of debt

And there are many people like this Think that the rent will be paid in installments But the rent was not enough and there were no tenants.

  1. Who is very extravagant Than the income available Ask you not to create more debt.

Because the dokbia is a very multiplying power

Don’t spend more If one day the crisis will not survive

  1. And the current debt is the lowest high premium.

If the policy premium is only two baht baht, the disaster of people who are indebted immediately, such as

The house used to pay off ten thousand dok pawns, twenty thousand in the amount of installments, thirty thousand will become almost all dukes immediately.

  1. The money is still flowing into our home market that rates lower than the world. Do not be happy.

Because he wants to hold the baht Only for something

  1. Big companies During the past until now Bond Gun

There are two things: one is actually lacking liquidity. Which ratings will fall shortly From the results, we must hurry. Bond in rate

The other non-junk bonds are companies that know the premiums will be rising and then lock the long-term premiums.

Because when the transaction fee is floating, even if it is a management company, the cost will be much higher anyway.

6.Anyone who works at a bank, must be quick to look for a new job before it gets cut down at the same time. Apart from the new system

And at that time, you will find work very hard because there will be tens of thousands of people exiting this sector at the same time.

  1. The insurance career will start to decline because of more competition.

And customers have a variety of options especially

A company that built a fully-integrated ecosystem by cutting out agent systems

8.Business people don’t cut themselves.

When there is nothing left to cut like stocks

  1. NPLs declared bad debt is much less.

And even if the actual announcement The real thing is much more than that.

Which will make bankruptcy significantly

  1. Real estate businesses that rely on foreign customers now are tired.

Because they are really tired.

  1. Good condos that we like to give.

And waiting to buy the hack of various banks before submitting borrowers to buy in very good conditions Because of those who hold speculation

And can’t afford it, there are a lot of them right now.

  1. Land now is very large.

Because the money in the system really disappeared

13.Cryptocurrencies and coins

Should be designed to test the system

And serves Burn cash left from printing money all the time, which is a very effective burn.

  1. Block Chain is awesome if it’s used properly.

Such as raising funds because of very fraud

  1. S o f t b a n k stocks worth buying. Keep them as stocks of the future.

But having to cut the long-term investment should not be a profit.

  1. The world of good fundamentals will always be gone.

Because there is hardly a sustainable business

On the basis of a new world that is going on

  1. Began to see an acceleration in the use of electric energy instead of oil, the stock business in oil.

Therefore should be considered carefully Especially those who buy funds to cut LTF LMF taxes on most energy stocks. And in the big bank

Which the bank is going to have a problem from a lot of bad debt

It is out of control and energy will change significantly in a few years. Look at investing more than just tax cuts.

  1. At least five billion will roll over bonds next year.

And some of them don’t know whether to roll through or not, and there may be a downgrade in many companies that fail.

  1. Bad debt is just a big company. One company shifts across the market

If there are many types of this The company not to mention

  1. AI or artificial intelligence Will replace what we think

Not to be incredibly high and not to believe. Will replace that size, just like our parents

I do not think that all the worlds will come together. In a single mobile device this size

  1. We are not alone in bad management. But on a global scale, many countries collapse at the same time.

Where no region is good at all Which means From where it used to be bad for export, good in the country or bad in the country, good for export

But will be Poor in both the domestic consumption and export sectors at the same time.

  1. And what we find is a bubble of real estate, equity, debt, debt, all together.

Which does not know how to solve it, so it gradually seeps down because of every problem

If there is a clear solution, it will crash and correct itself.

  1. Beginning to see each other, many lost tourists.

No, but it was because in China there was a very serious problem.

Both people traveling And investing is missing from a much larger factor than we can understand.

  1. Everything that becomes a rich coach And live a life of good, luxury and travel

If there is true, no one will work hard. Don’t be greedy.

Don’t believe anything easily Because of the damage from these things and over and over from the past to the present.

  1. Be careful with holding Bonds as much as possible.

Because we were taught to believe in credit rating, lend money and take creditors’ rights.

In many falling companies When issuing debentures The ratings are still good, but why are they falling both overseas and in our home recently? (There are both external creditors as well)

Let the meat workers keep themselves careful of the principal amount they have. Maybe share with Bond Stocks are also safer

  1. If this time, people are good at shot. Big bank will get big money

Because it is certain that bad debts in the system

Uncontrollable and in default of payment

  1. Not more than ten years. In many countries has not changed. A normal engine car is an EV car.

But will turn to Electric cars In particular, Jin will accelerate the implementation of new systems, which sounds good, but the business of cars with older engines

Diesel cars will be thrown away Will cause many industries to disappear as seen from the beginning, for example

The factory that made the components All of the cars, tents, mechanics under the general garage Even the biggest industries like

Hydro energy has a very big chance of having a big impact.

  1. Gold is always valuable

Time and money are a problem to learn from many. Countries with severe currency reductions

And the man with gold in his hand Will be able to exchange for any currency in the world

  1. Today, many of the world’s major investors.

And the company goes into hold Significantly, if not good, gold mine.

For what reason will he hold it? Especially large families with power

  1. Bond will trigger a big crisis.

In this round very much

  1. Financial leverage is bad when you can’t use it.

This is going to be a full-fledged rise of the Dobbs.

  1. Sufficiency Economy Can help us

If we do not create too much debt At least we have good soil in almost every province. Can grow vegetables Can grow edible fruit

Enough for us to have to eat and use Unlike many countries

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