October 4, 2023
3 main reasons for using monthly salary Many people choose to overlook

3 main reasons for using monthly salary Many people choose to overlook

After we graduate and work, have you ever wondered why? Not enough salary And nothing left to collect at all In spite of earning more money than when I opened my hand for enough During the school days again Maybe because you have to be more responsible for yourself, work far from home, etc., but it is not the reason that we do not have enough money.

It has more factors. Because if only the above factors If we know how to spend money, I think it’s enough.

The reason for the lack of salary Let’s check what we spend our days on ourselves and try to break out the total expenses for each month.

You will see the problem and why. Then we gradually come and solve those problems to the point

  1. The behavior of the use of money

When we know what our expenses are spent on We then gradually solve the problem by making some cuts. For example, every morning in the morning. And at noon we have to eat fresh coffee, the price is 25-45 baht per cup every day, we may reduce it to one cup a day. Or if so good If the workplace has hot water, buy 3 in 1 coffee and brew it, this time let’s calculate it.

Eat normally 2 cups of coffee per day, an average of 70 baht per day, a total of 24 working days, totaling 1,680 baht.

Reduced 1 glass, reduced to 1 glass per day, 45 baht, 24 working days, it will be 1,080 baht, saving 600 baht.

Reduce the aesthetics to eat 3 in 1, change to eat 3 in 1, it will fall at 240 baht, 60 sachets from 1,680, we only lose 240 baht, save 1,440 baht.

  1. Use credit cards and prefer to borrow other people.

When you get something or spend anything, try to use cash. Or some people argue that it cannot be used because of having to do a financial transaction on the Internet. Now the world is far away. There is a bit of a bitcoin that can be paid on the Internet.

But anyone who insists on using a credit card But asking to swipe and pay all at once, do not pay, do not pay, zero percentage, do not have to try to save money, use cash. Warn with good hope Because I have already passed that point and I am indebted to the card without realizing it because of this payment, I swiped it first and paid the minimum.

I realized again that the salary was not enough. I tried to use the card and borrow other people. Should be used as much as there is.

  1. I don’t know how to control my feelings

Humanity is what makes us not enough money. I confirmed. Because when you do not get it, you will buy what you buy using the daily money you have. Or money that has been borrowed Which is not savings Or savings, you will definitely not have enough money

If you can spend your money on something small, of course, you may not be able to get enough of that month. May have to borrow that person to take away And when the next month, they have to use it back. Causing in the following month the money is not enough to use again And when there is more stuff, buy it again and borrow it again, and it continues like this forever and ever.

Use the money borrowed to buy things. Money borrowed here. Refers to money that borrowed a friend or credit card to buy something that is good, it will make the next month that the money is not enough again and have more things, buy again and borrow again. It goes on like this as well, but for credit cards, it may be heavier than borrowing a friend. Because there will be chicken stealing Plus the interest earned when paying the card is completed, taking the phone bill. Swipe to buy food Because not enough Swiping until the next month is not enough to pay. Until finally, had to withdraw cash from the credit card to be used back Causing the debt to continue to increase

Finally, if you want to leave someone who has just started working Or be an early age

If you do not have a healthy future, try to control your spending, do not over-spend your money. How much, use only that, if you really get anything To think carefully, if you have obtained it, how useful it is, whether it is worth it or not to buy. More importantly, look at our wealth at that time. When you get it, we will have enough to eat and when you can’t keep it, you may be the one who failed financially for the rest of your life.

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