June 8, 2023
2 divine ways to save money Money definitely doesn’t flow out of the pocket

2 divine ways to save money Money definitely doesn’t flow out of the pocket

“Saving money” is a simple name, but why is it so difficult to do when? Will save each baht

Each month, the income came in one flash, completely disappeared.

Until I started to sit still and think about the reason I never saved any savings

That is, one bag and use the universal

How much is it? Combine money to use one wallet to pay for everything such as

Clear this monthly assets such as home rent, water bills, and interest payments on various loans.

Personal expenses such as daily food expenses, family matters

Such as the cost of home use The daily living expenses of the people in the house

In addition to the main expenses above, things that we cannot predict in the future.

Such as car repairs, hospital fees, etc. Therefore, today we should be mindful And start saving money

With the change from “One bag pays everything”

Is “separate bags to spend with “Savings bag” has the following tips.

  1. A purse for saving money only.

This storage bag I intend not to use it at all. Because I will save for the goals that I have set

Such as dressing a wife into a home or spending time in emergency time only.

Simple tip, starting from the date the salary is released, I will deduct 10% of my salary.

For example, the salary of 12,000 baht, I will collect 1,200 baht.

With a storage bag Not mixed with a used bag

As for the storage method, I recommend changing from a drop of a can to a savings account at the bank instead.

Pocket money is best kept away from hand. Plus, you can also get interest. Try to calculate it easily.

Collect 1,200 baht per month for a full year and have a deposit of 14,400 baht.

More importantly, we can also Feeling like this is the bank as well.

  1. There is a pocket for spending alone.

This bag is for actual use, the main expenses.

According to the 3 points described above, clear this monthly payment, spend on personal matters Pay for important family matters

We should all separate them in this bag. The important tip of the bag for spending alone is

The initial income and expenditures, I will write before that. Right now, what items are these items and how much are included?

It will let me know that I can build more of these so that I don’t have too much strangled myself.

And if the money runs out faster than expected We opened an account, looked back, and immediately realized that

This month, we have run out of money with anything, is it really necessary or not?

So that next month we can manage our money better.

To conclude before leaving each other, listen. (Said and tears will flow) Having two separate pockets “Storage bags and used bags”

Will let us know what amount of money is saved for the future And what amount of money Used in the present

It makes it easier for us to manage our money. Our life will have savings for use in emergencies. Without having to worry anymore

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