June 4, 2023

16 signs are always approaching Hold tight work. Don’t underestimate your life

  1. Online trading will begin to decline.

Because there is a higher competition And customers have a variety of options

Especially for companies that have built a complete system By cutting out all the middleman systems

  1. Many companies close their businesses. Without prior notice

Some people unknowingly lost their jobs yesterday, still working. Clocked the card and ended work anyway the next morning.

Going to the company to know the news again. When at the factory at all

  1. And then the current debt. It is the lowest interest liability.

If the policy interest increases, only two baht baht

Will cause difficulties for people who are in debt immediately, for example, the house used to pay off ten thousand interest

In the amount of installments, thirty thousand will become interest almost entirely immediately.

4.People are often extravagant Than the income available Buy more than necessary

When spending money and borrowing money without thinking about the future, please do not create additional debt.

Because interest is not too high If one day the birth of Vikrit will not survive at all

  1. In a company that is open, replace employees with machines. People hit by robots. Compete for work
  2. I started seeing each other. Many lost tourists

Especially European tourists Where heavy luggage has a high cost per person Do not come to our house.

  1. Land and houses are now selling very much.

Because the money in the system actually lost a lot of people who have money Not going out to spend much

  1. The value of the money in our country is good. The currency is stronger than any other country in the world.

I’m not happy because he wants to hold the baht. Only for something

  1. For anyone working in a bank To hurry to look for other jobs Before being discharged

Due to the new system, banks are more focused on apps

Used branches to work And at that time I would find a job very hard

  1. Valuable items like gold are always valuable.

Time and money are a problem to learn from many. The country where the currency is in decline and the people with gold in their hands

Will be able to exchange for any currency in the world

11.Today, the world of stocks Good basics will keep going.

Because there is hardly a sustainable business in The foundation of a new world that is going on

  1. After a few years I have seen the use of electricity instead of oil.

If you are going to invest in the stock business, it should be considered carefully.

  1. In various real estate Increase, but people sink capital.

Especially the condos that we saw that bought for speculation began to clear symptoms. Due to many reasons, they are recommending people to borrow too much money.

There are many people like this. Think that the rent will be paid in installments

But in the end, no renters ever thought that they would not pay the rent for the rent.

  1. Artificial intelligence or AI will replace the things that we do not think much. Unbelievable

And not believing that it will replace that size is the same as our father generation.

I didn’t think that all the world could come together in one mobile phone like this.

  1. In other words, it is not a country that we manage badly alone.

But on a global scale, many countries’ economies are shrinking at the same time without any good conditions.

  1. Important principles applicable to the sufficiency economy every time

It can help us if we don’t create too much debt. At least we have good soil, fertile rivers and streams.

Almost every province can grow vegetables, grow fruits and eat. Enough for us to have food, use, follow in the footsteps of King Rama 9 us

As for the information I bring today, I do not want everyone to panic, I just want everyone to read it.

And try to pause and think for a moment, look at the current events According to the principle of truth, with a neutral and fair mind, without prejudice that

In this present day How do we adjust to each other and how we must live? To not starve, starve Live sufficiently

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