June 4, 2023
10 Habits That Make You “Not Rich” Quitting Would Be Great

10 Habits That Make You “Not Rich” Quitting Would Be Great

Rich or poor Not measured at “money” that has only one. Because that would be the end of our lives Personally, I think that the thing that makes the rich and the poor differ clearly is “habits” or “Lon”, I think that’s the reason why we have a lot of “money”.

It is developed from attitudes or perspectives on matters around us if we have perspectives that lead us to develop. It also affects our “habits” to success and wealth. On the other hand, if our attitude is bad. Looking only for things that do not benefit It will only lead our lives to woe. Bring things to poverty I believe this

Let’s take a look at 10 bad habits that make us not yet rich.

10 Habits That Make Us Poor People

  1. Wow before being extravagant.

Buying fake comforts, just temporary fun, liquor, beer, clothes, things that show off, get rich with money. The future has to go into credit card debt. Abang interest

Do not know how to manage money systematically. Plan for spending Bad habits like this, but until day until night.

  1. Stingy, no problem

The word “generosity” is rarely spelled out. I do not understand the word “more, give more” because he looks but will “ask” so he can get enough and then use it.

And like this, when will it be? And like this, there will be someone who will give it all the time. You have to know what to do as well, but you don’t have much money. But believe me There is no money, we have a problem, and we sweat. Someday the result of the problem will return to us.

  1. Overwhelmed with poverty, not interested in learning and development

Foolishly unaware, many problems do not know, they often do braggingly. Instead of gaining more knowledge, no, what type of knowledge must do? Life will improve. But I only know Didn’t do anything to make it any better

Did not develop further studies They say the more we develop ourselves will bring us closer to success. Get closer to wealth Try changing your habits

  1. See the fainting work just enough to go.

Type of weightlessness is not the only one. People who are distant from wealth are lazy.

Called like to sleep, wake up late, be embarrassed to eat on the verge of less money Lying in wait for luck It is full. Like this, until after all, there will be more until you go in again.

  1. Flock to do until the worse.

What do you see your friends do when they get Tang? They flock to do so to get rich as well. Not really. Not really. Anything that flocks to do a lot, it will appear to be more than demanding.

Should have seen each other, many agricultural crops Whether it is rubber That flocked to grow until the price was almost not good There are still many things that flock to hope to “get rich” but in the end they invite each other to “poor”.

6.The world is unfair Only bad things

Pessimism, negative, blaming everything that surrounds you, that is not good, this is not suitable, that is not a bad heart, it is all bad. It’s not fair to myself, I would say the world doesn’t know it’s fair.

Or is it unfair? It is with us how we are going on this earth. If we look at it well Looking helpful, it was helpful to us. But if we look badly, then what do you think it will be like?

  1. About other people, I know. The story itself is not interested.

If I gave this knowledge a score of 200, I would have known it all. But when I asked about myself a full 100, this would be a minus 1000. Type of habit of taro and villagers is number one.

Set up a group for someone else’s story. You have to give it up. It’s been like this, when will it be rich?

  1. Think about what to eat tomorrow.

Morning bowl, cold bowl Just this is enough Just look at what will make a living tomorrow. Can’t look far Don’t think about the future It is called Suk. Suffering on a daily basis.

Like this, we can’t keep up with other people. Because we look at tomorrow, other people have already looked at the next year. You have to adjust your habits to look for a long time. And our future will be brighter

9.Money looks only about fortune

You have to have luck and have luck to be rich, not looking at talent as the main idea. If you get rich, you have to lose luck as well.

If you get your money without exerting your energy, being stolen, then you get rich. That’s it. It has never been ruined every installment.

  1. Shall not invest in tangible things.

Anything that should be at risk does not take a risk. As I said, they tend to be stuck in business, but when it comes to investing in a business, there are some excuses for funding. Some knowledge What are some tools?

A lot, let’s say, I don’t dare to take risks, I don’t dare to invest in things that should be done to build a better position. Invest in things that should not be

I don’t look like the poor or the ones that have little money or admire the rich who have a lot of money. Because whoever does it, he can get it like that.

But I would rather move myself away from people who have 10 habits that I said, Mana.

People try bad habits. The lower the habit of bringing oneself down, no one would be near.

Do not associate with an association. A good way if we want to “kick” ourselves from “poverty”

Let’s start with changing the “habit” to make it better.

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