June 4, 2023

Reminder for working people. Saw that there was money to spend every month But do not underestimate the life

Perhaps we saw that person succeed. Why are we still in the same place? Sometimes I think that person is not good.

This person is not good. Even though we are much better than him But… what we see may just be the foreground of success.

Because we have not yet seen the background of his life. When he was patient, built, patient, worked hard, tired and struggled until he has what he is today.

1.Others may exert more effort than you. But because you didn’t see him when he worked.

  1. Do not think that serving in the government will be superior to the villagers. At the time of retirement, it must be the same villagers.
  2. Do not overuse the body, good good good is the cost of the body is not strong, how can you live happily?
  3. Do not see fame and fortune is important. If there is no goodness How great it is is not respectable.
  4. Don’t see anyone’s greeting as a nuisance. Someone who’s always texting you because you’re still in their eyes.
  5. Don’t take the pressure off. Become a driving force, use the body until it exceeds the profit power, no matter how profitable it is, it will be a loss.
  6. Some things bring pleasure to you only work, but they will not fill your life forever.
  7. No one gets what they want. Everyone has what they deserve.
  8. If you are not very good around you, you will be overwhelmed by your friends. If you have the strength, help others who are more difficult. This is called creating prestige.
  9. Learn to be a giver. Don’t just think about being one-sided. Your walkway will become even more spacious. Like this, Ying Serm Boonwasana

How to spend money to have food and to use for the rest of your life.

The one who succeeds, buys expensive things after getting rich, the people who fail to buy expensive things in spite …

People who successfully build businesses, looking for only a commercial location

Wherever you go, there is a branch, there is a store itself, where to turn, where only income

Those who fail are only in debt. Turn to where there is, but

Payable with the same income but expenditure more than before. Have to keep spinning money all the time

If aged 45-50 do not work hard. Let others point their finger and continue living the same life. There is no right or wrong way of life for each person.

But if the day ahead looks back, don’t feel sorry for the time. The one who will fail is to have the money to buy something that he can get first.

I don’t believe it, take notice of yourself, get a bonus of 50,000, eat, travel, buy a new phone, 30,000, then what about life ?? Waiting for the next year’s bonus (which I don’t know if I will get it)

How many years has life been like this? How many years do I wake up to others to point their fingers? The end of the year is the same.

Claimed again and worked tiring all year.

Buy good things, eat good, reward your life. This year, get a big bonus, buy 20,000 new phones.

Traveling abroad, twenty thousand shopping, another 20,000 tons of money, just over every year, doing this for 10 years, the friends who sit together regularly

Different people asked each other. Why are our lives so difficult? Working for a long time, not getting rich Now, you know why you are not rich.

You never open your mind Never open yourself to an opportunity and most importantly wait for the opportunity. Why not create your own opportunities?

Most people misunderstand the term reward for life.

Salary comes out It claims the same as last month Been tired all month ago. Give yourself some reward for life

How much has it all gone with that word? Tired all year Give yourself some rewards

What happened in the past, let it go I can’t go back and fix anything. This year, the bonus comes out, think again, try again.

Try to put money down, not luxury, not lavish, patient

Quiet hard work And let success yell instead, it’s just not to exhort everyone to have a better life.

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