October 4, 2023

Remember, the lion will not bark at the dog. Do not reduce yourself to quarrel with him. (Remind very good)

In a forest there was a lion father and son. Saw a wolf walking in

So the father lion led the child to walk the other way. The lion cub saw and became suspicious and asked his father,

“Found a big tiger, his father still dared to fight it, but when he found the dog, he walked away. It doesn’t deserve your dignity, father. “

The Lion Father heard and replied to him that

“Son, remember, sometimes .. to beat a dog is not a matter of honor or pride.

Even if we are good or how strong we are But it should not face everything.

Sometimes people don’t have the value that much to face or fight with. “

People in today’s society are all in a state of stress and struggle, whether it be stomach issues. Every family has a driving force of greed, like a fiery fire, and no matter where anyone meets, there is always a chance to meet these people. Spitting fire from myself

So sometimes, some things, some events, if not really big things Don’t bother you Smile at him and walk away. Concentrate on our work to accomplish Don’t go get them to get them on yourself. Is it appropriate for the wise? We are definitely not going to fight to defeat such people. With some people, they are not priced enough to make us have to go against it, but… If someone does not wear well, we are silent and do not respond.

Sometimes he may get his heart to make him do bad things to us over and over, so there is no need to be nice… By allowing him to have to look at the situation that he is just barking or will come in if it is too much, he must use wisdom to protect himself. If something can be solved by law, it will depend on the legal process as if it were a dog. Can’t put aside Must hurry to call the municipality So as to not travel to bully other villagers as well

If you can’t rely on the law, you have to rely on yourself. Find an escape that is unlawful and immoral. Do not solve the problem with generosity because… that will create a new problem to follow. Meet people, do not know how to answer… but do not allow people to love, like we do not bark at the dog… But did not have to stand and wait for the dog

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