June 4, 2023

How old .. Let your grandchildren love and respect each other without being disdainful

When you get older you must know to let go Must know to let go of some stories That should be placed must be known to release

Because the heart of a person can bear limited Don’t be self-depressed. Release position as he used to be Let go of the reputation that once possessed

Let go of the past, learn to live in the present Be happy in old age

When I get older, I must know how to lay my hand You can never work through your life or care for your grandchildren until their last days.

Therefore, you must know how to lay your hand The offspring has merit and the path of the offspring. If you think instead of doing it instead You are tired all the life One day you left, how will they live?

Knowing how to lay hands is to train trust in the grandchildren. And to promote the children in themselves, do not let them blaspheme, but parents But the grandchildren don’t take anywhere

When you get older, you must know how to place your emotions. The society in the past has Of people in the past Society today is Of people today

Do not take your own ideas as the stand. Not satisfied with anything, they scold their children with emotion. If you do this one time His virtue disappeared once. The family’s fortune is missing part of it.

Because parents are the Brahma of the child If your parents keep cursing How will the offspring flourish?

When I get older As for the old man, you have to decrease, your loss, your passion, your loss. Morality, sobriety, need more.

Kindness, compassion, compassion, need more Always remind yourself. Live for the grandchildren to respect and love Not living so that the children are so afraid that no one will come near

When you get older, you must know to cut your heart on something … When the woman is gone, do not get tied Think that it didn’t originally belong to you.

And the last day in your life you can not take anything, so you can decide what has gone wrong and be able to enjoy what you should have.

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