June 8, 2023

Good ideas, encouragement, ideas for life

Today must be better than yesterday Tomorrow will be better than today, do good today, tomorrow will be better of its own.

Do good, don’t expect compensation. Even if it’s just a word of praise

Do good, keep it good, even if the results don’t come out. Considered that we are doing our best

Do good, but don’t be cocky, because everyone is not the same.

Obstacles often arise while doing good deeds. Too good, old debts will be gone. Obstacles do not usually arise while the job is in place, as it is a replacement for new debt.

Everyone desires good things, but they don’t know what is good. Should solve the problem at the root cause, do not try to solve the problem at the root.

The stump has no intention of comprehending anything. Can only fret that “Why is it like this? Why? Why must it be us? why?

The wise man admits that “animals in the world will follow karma, do good, perform good functions”, which is nothing shocking. Because it is common

Life without loss Is to never do a job at all, therefore people face both happiness and sorrow Because doing both well, doing both

Always pampering yourself A dead end to life Offending oneself Is to smooth out the path

If we do not allow others to understand or please us As if we were innocent children, never growing up.

We try to understand others. Rather than being understood by others, we are now becoming adults.

Many lives cross each other right now. There is a way to live differently And there are obstacles that are not the same

We don’t understand that There is more suffering than other people. Others have more suffering than we still have.

Crying is a fake That was so smooth one day Because tomorrow we can sing, so when we are suffering Don’t understand that We are suffering When we are happy Do not understand that we are happy, otherwise we have to be homeless, weep some, sing some according to homelessness.

Others will give as our hearts. Everything is none We just accept him. Being in a specific position only Even ourselves, we are not as popular as our hearts. Then others will give as my heart, so that none of us is not as his heart. How will he get as our hearts

What do you want Do not be rejoicing in advance Missing anything Don’t be sad after Everything It is so

If you hold a lot, pay more attention to it, suffer a lot if you hold a little Pay attention to it, little suffering, less joy, the desire is infinite incontinence.

Indeed, a husband has no wife, no children, no wealth. But adhering to such a deep obsession that we have, one day we will not have anything until that day, can we accept it?

To the beginning of the doom you will hold or not, it is your business.

Precaution is clinging. With responsibility It’s different

Stupid people will cry all day long. Without any benefit at all, the wise will quickly solve the problem As far as possible

What do we love Must be from that Slow or fast, it is another matter if the husband is married first, the wife will be sad if the husband is married first, the wife will have to regret. Don’t be happy when you get it

Are you sure that you are a hero or a heroine for all eternity? Yes, of course. You are the protagonist of your story. But you may be a backup for other people’s matters.

We stand on the field of life Have to fight all kinds of obstacles Until the end of the drama of life with death

Lessons in the textbook With real life lessons It’s not the same No textbook To teach us everything that we have to meet today And how to fix it?

Waste of money, things, waste of time, and regret, it is the cost of life tuition. Wise people pay the cheapest tuition, and the nuggets pay the more expensive ones.

Indeed, people who lie in the house of Pigeon are likely to suffer more than us. Why? He can still smile. Why are we more suffering than the Pictographers? Mindfulness but heart does not discriminate, but mind does not mind, which is better?

We can judge the way we live our lives better or the function is with ourselves.

Others can force us for only some time. As for our hearts No one can dictate except our own.

Although the work is very confusing, if the mind is free You don’t see how busy you are, everyone is born to do the dead, to do better than the worst because they don’t do it. Take responsibility for yourself Take responsibility for a good friend And social responsibility
The comfort of the body and the mind will be bought with a hundred thousand dollars. There is no need to buy With silver and gold

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