June 8, 2023
Do not want to spend a difficult life when you are old, you can stop having these 8 habits now

Do not want to spend a difficult life when you are old, you can stop having these 8 habits now

  1. Not interested in “future”

When faced with a problem, many people choose to walk away and turn around. Giving or deflecting to do other things, and the problem still piles up in front of the same, and may even become more critical in the future in financial matters as well.

Many people enjoy this day’s happiness and eat well. Fun party, frequent trips Use it hard I know I don’t have any savings for the future, I don’t have cash for emergencies, I never plan my finances, I don’t even act,

Is still a problem as always It would be better not less if the use of money every time, we have thought about “future”, some of the houses have been paid out, still credit card debt has been paid in full, right?

The sum of money that I intend to collect now How much to retire that need to spend a lot of money How much do we have already? Learn to be quick and sweet.

  1. Not interested in “debt”

Few people have “no debt”, but a large number of debt-savvy people focus on “paying off” very little, or some people don’t focus on managing their debt at all.

And that would surely make them Fall into a circle of “debt” that cannot be released. Because when you get the money But having fun with spending Until the interest (debt) compounded and continued

On the other hand, people who do fun cones are very “afraid of debt,” so they put “debt” first. When income comes in, it will quickly pay off the debt before anything else. Until it is liberated Said the debt successfully.

  1. Never set a “budget” to use the money.

The company still has financial statements to do projects, but also has forecast. Personal finance expenses are the same. Many people have never set a “budget” to use their money.

When shopping for the new year, going to shopping, shopping for clothes is full, and finally more than necessary. Overloaded their own wealth and eventually became “debt”.

The easier way is to “set a budget” every time you spend money, such as buying Valentine’s gifts for your lover not more than a few baht, how much will you go on a trip in the middle of the fiscal year

After that, stick to what is set, follow the plan, do not exceed the guaranteed budget. That we will cut things That is not necessary, it goes out easily.

  1. Spend more money

It is not wrong if you think that “Do For having a better life “but not I forget that a better life doesn’t have to come with just one bigger expenditure, making it easier to live a better life. Quitting being a collector can make us live a better life.

Because if receiving extra salary and spending more (More than the added salary) May last just “Do A better life because behavior may lead to

Problems that follow, especially debt. Growing unexpectedly

  1. Think “too fast to save money”

On the day when we are still dazzled with the things around us, it is not this one. This one was looking for the illusion of “necessity” emerging in front of him.

And always make us lose property, even though those things may be just “welfare”. There is no good. Stop procrastinating and start saving money now.

Will be ten hundred thousand ten thousand We had begun and then disciplined ourselves by Consistent savings, even if not saving, because discipline is the act of doing “must-do” even if “don’t”.

  1. Indistinguishable as “required” or “want”

The easiest way to extract It is to know that Anything that has to (necessary) has passed so that it cannot be used in life, for example, factor 4.

Or whatever has good, no (want), you can still live your life, but if you have it, your life will improve, such as luxury dishes, brand-name clothes, or anything you don’t need

But if they can’t be separated and put their emotions in place, they may be the victim of the illusion of “Necessity”, it will give us But the pay with the pay is endless.

  1. Become a technology team

If anyone is a true fan So what about technology? Will know that there is no day off For different devices The more we run The more money it will flow out of the pocket.

And that leads to more “no-nos” income following these trends. It’s not wrong to buy a new phone.

It is not unusual to have a pair of body equipment, it is not a super-necessary thing. If there will be more than one portable device, we just have to make the most of what we buy and it’s really worth the price.

  1. Never take note of his own “money”

Go into the meeting room and take note of Mr. Chang Nga I took it and listened to the seminar and wrote it down. All the things that do But many people never even write down their “money” when it is really good for themselves.

Just because I think We already know how much savings are paid. True, we may know. Movement Money that goes in and out in the pocket, but that’s probably just a big chunk (salary – credit card debt (total) – house debt per month, etc.).

But sundry expenses, coffee, snacks, clothing, accessories, and even small expenses before they are included in large credit card debt. Many people have never even been interested, and that is a small “hole”, but it has a big impact on the financial situation. Without our knowledge

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