June 8, 2023

Being a person who is not in need of money. You can do these 3 things

As we all know that money is a measure. To the comfort of our lives

But why don’t we think of being the boss? Use it like it does.

  1. Learn how to allocate money, even if you are a family member.

This idea can be used to teach little children, for example, teaching them to save money that they can go to school, for example, children get 20 baht, free lunch, car fee. There is a shuttle bus to eat dessert for 15 baht and the remaining 5 baht to drop the jar every day, etc.

And let him know Manage money By themselves, practicing at that age will produce results that grow out of known money management. And financial planning is a new concept, and we are as well. If we have a low income, save a little along the way of the energy that we can save, do not use the word low salary, if saving, will save less money to get a lot of salary first and then save the money. This is an idea that should not be taken very seriously.

  1. Learn to think before you pay more than you can.

Do not let you imagine Reached a large water bucket, and the periodic bucket suddenly leaked out in a small spot. You might think it doesn’t matter. To close it, then let it go and follow after that the hole was pushed out of the water until the hole was bigger and bigger. Without stopping, or even if you tried to fill it up, the hole was bigger than you could close. The water in the tank was almost completely dry. You a bucket with a cracked hole

And have to tolerate water little by little The remainder is able to eat some, not eat some, so do not forget to think before you pay what you should do next, should you udon udon after yam or should be prevent It does not allow it to stain until the water is left to eat and keep for a long time.

3.The more we know how to invest properly, the more money grows.

We suggest that if you want to be comfortable, do not try to borrow money to invest in big money because in the future we may break down and let the money become ours. Yes, whether it is in the matter of spending money that has to try to control yourself. To spend economically

And know how to save Including knowing how to invest money in order to increase the income With just this, it will make money become our place of business no more, it will also make us Have more money to save Until it might be rich In the future as well

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