October 4, 2023

Before knowing about other people Please let me know about our own first. (Write reminding people of this era)

Don’t be someone who knows everything. Except for my own matters Don’t be the one who knows everything. Except for the fact

As we open the mind to see if the medium is real or not. Our friend is selling 2 bags from the market, 400 profits while we sit and sip on the cheerleaders after work. A friend at work opens a clothing stall at a flea market.

At 5pm, we drove out to buy more drinks, hit the checkpoint, 5 thousand and 11pm, friends collected the stalls to go home, earning 1,500 profits while we watched who killed the killer. The friend has completed the work assigned by the supervisor. While we are typing argue Arguing with someone I do not know in the background because the opinions do not match. Who argued only to win over friends, typing in responses to customers who ordered in chat, earned 3,000 profits.

While we typed in FFS that the cost of living was expensive. Friends printed in a group to buy second-hand sneakers, post a single item, profit 200 baht, while we follow our opinions on every issue in various situations. Bent to create more marketing channels

On the day of salary issued We went to eat at a luxurious grill buffet in the mall. In the middle of the month I have eaten rice and curry at the end of the month, while my friends bring money to save and study additional investment channels. I eat rice and curry all month long, so I get a complete set up for the whole month, making it easy to develop and clear enough to come up with good ideas.

While we keep complaining about why the money is not enough Here’s the salary or change, that friend is taking 20,000 extra money from this month’s work into his account.

Now you know more about yourself than that of others? Do you know why we are still there?

Because we do it ourselves. That friend was not better than us. But we were the ones who made ourselves a shoddy. And then he blames others, blames him for being born, blames his fate, his employer, blames everyone except himself.

When a friend promotes the position, they find that “Lean”. When a friend takes the lead, he finds “leave a friend”, the friend invites to the market market “tells busy”. A friend advised me to spread the word “say no funds”.

In the end, the quality of life for the two of them gradually distant. One has a better life To have a new society surrounded by Another “diligent person makes a living.” Another person blames the fate of the earth. “Blame your friends well and leave each other”

We waste our time on things that are of no use. There is nothing good and useless in our life. People fail to do nothing. So I couldn’t find any benefit Failed people think only about not getting money. So life has no money. People fail, they only spend money. But don’t think for extra money Therefore in need

Sitting down, looking down, but the drama raised her head again. Friend is already a manager Sitting down with his head, busy but about the villagers Look up to another place. Friends have already opened their own business. Lower your head and sit and argue with everyone who disagrees with yourself. Be careful that… .Look up and you will be fired.

Believe me… there is nothing as good as being 40-50 at the age of 40-50 friends have a stable job, can take care of all the family. But we still live in the same place, so what kind of life do you choose? He is already.

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