June 8, 2023

8 words of the mother .. that many children have to meet (Read and love mom more)

From small to growing up, my mother had done this 8 times.

The story began when I was small. I was born into a family that was so poor that I had to starve often.

Whenever and wherever it is time to eat Mom will share more rice with me. And said

“You have to eat more rice. She is not very hungry. ”This is the first time that Mae Khok

When I was growing up, Mother Pian tried to find free time to go fishing in the river. So that I can eat food that is beneficial to my birth.

The mother boiled the fallen fish made a soup for me to eat. While I eat curry boiled fish. Mother would only eat fish head, so I could only eat it personally.

And as for the fish meat, I tried to share the fish with my mother. But the mother promptly refused and said

“You can eat it. I love to eat fish fillet.” This is the second time that Mom loves me.

When i was in middle school We have to spend more money. Mother has to earn extra money by looking for a supplementary career.

Sometimes I wake up at 1 or 2 … I still see my mother working.

“Mom, please go to bed. It is very late. Tomorrow, Mom has to go to work again. “

Mom smiled to me and said

“You go to sleep first Mother is not tired I can’t sleep. ”This is the third time.

When I was nearing the end of my high school, I had to go to the exam on the last day. Mother put off work to be my friend and to encourage me.

It was a very hot sunny day. Mom had to wait hours for me when I finished the exam… Quickly came out to see mom Saw her sweat over her body

Instead, he poured cold water that was prepared for me to drink. I saw her tired and hot, so she asked her to drink some water first. Mother said

“You can eat it, you have eaten it.” That was the fourth time that my mother loved me.

The longer the day, the more household expenses go up. The more attractive mother has to work harder.

To earn income to support the family But it’s still not enough, no matter how much more Mother tries to do.

The uncle next door is a good person, always trying to help our family.

For example, helping to fix a broken house, etc. Neighbors, seeing the family very difficult, suggested that my mother remarry, but she disagrees Mother said to me

“I have a child with everyone. I don’t need love again. ”My mother, for the fifth time, has been.

In the end, I graduated and got a job, so I let my mom who worked hard for some time, so I went to work in the city.

And send money to her mother to use But the mother didn’t stop. Return to the market every morning Selling the vegetables you got for living

Even though my mother rarely accepts my money Sometimes I still send money back to me. Mother said to me

“Mom already has enough money You should save money to build up your position. ”Mom has not been telling me the truth for the sixth time.

For a more advanced future I decided to pursue my master’s degree with a scholarship from a famous university. When I graduated, I got a job there and the salary was quite high.

When working for a while, I asked my mother to come to stay with me in the city. So that my mother could stop working and get comfortable at the end of her life, but my mother did not bother me.

“Mother is not familiar with life differently.” The seventh time.

As she continued to grow old, she was eventually sick and had to be admitted to the hospital. I took a leave and immediately flew back to my beloved mother.

My mother was recuperating. When I arrived, my tears flowed down my cheeks when I saw a very dutiful mother.

My mother was very happy to see me trying to smile radiantly. With difficulty

I know my mother forcibly smiled from all over her body. I embraced my mother while crying out loud.

My heart at that time was utterly sad and humbled. Mother tried to comfort me with a broken and trembling voice.

“My dear child has seen your face, and I am delighted.” This is the 8th time and the last time that my mother loved me

My mother, whom I have loved and worshiped all my life, closed my eyes and left me never to return. After she had finished the last six words.

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