October 4, 2023

7 types of people in the narrow world

  1. See others as being taller

Rednecks tend to have an idea that other people have spoken to. Always have thoughts that are inferior or worse than myself.

And tend to think on their own side that Better than others

  1. Keep your own thoughts.

In fact, most humans are based on their own ideas. But for the narrow-minded to seize The idea of ​​himself is big without listening to any opinions of anyone.

No matter what it is, but Either that you know or do not know And believe that your own thoughts This is right. And you wouldn’t like it if someone contradicted your idea.

  1. Not believing what others are saying.

The narrow-minded person, having believed in anything I tend to not believe much of the other reasons from other people speaking even though

What others say will have a origins, evidence to confirm. Small-minded people still have the idea of ​​not believing.

  1. Not able to socialize

Because you are someone who does not listen to anyone’s opinion. Looking at others inferior Time to exchange ideas and chat Neither you nor your opponent

Will not feel To build on the relationship Because it is not an exchange It is a feeling of overcoming superiority, so you may be more sociable.

  1. Always keep in touch with friends when they are in trouble.

When happy, I never thought of contacting anyone. But when suffering and distress

You’ll be in touch, call your friends for help.

  1. I do not like anyone to criticize, but can criticize others.

Such people will not be able to accept criticism from others. And tend to be upset when he is warned in return

You think you can criticize other people. Because I thought that what I was going to say was the truth

  1. Not open to new things.

Not open to new stories, like a conservative person with old beliefs (but not all conservative people. Because of the conservative people who are open-minded and listen to it)

But for the narrow-minded Different in that when something new comes in, he is not open to accept. And considered unreliable It was not possible.

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