June 4, 2023

7 truths about life, you can apply it to your daily life

  1. Life is never fair People looking for justice I think it will be difficult. But is it because of the difference here?

That is a loophole for us to make a change If you were born until Never drive a very expensive car, it just doesn’t mean that

You will have to spend a salary like this until this day, I just ask that you do not accept the ordinary. And seek the correct progress

I believe you can be whoever you want to be. It has nothing to do with the basics that the parents have given me at all.

  1. Nobody cares about you (except your closest), most people just think about what this person will think of him.

Is that at first glance it seems This is interested in other people’s thoughts, but deep down, it’s fear and worry.

The pictures that we have shown to others are still not good enough. Finally, we are really thinking about ourselves.

  1. There is no way you can find your own free time. If you don’t build it yourself

So what are many people (including me) who like to say, ‘Let’s see first, let’s go first. What is it like this? I discovered that.

It’s just a “excuse” for avoiding “confrontation” with the messy truth. And we just let it mess around.

I think it is time for us to revisit that Do we want to keep the mess the same?

  1. Not everyone can answer. Not all matters have answers.

We should all accept this truth. Many times we wasted a lot of time and money. Go with things that are unreasonable or things that don’t need a reason

The point is not the reason for this occurrence. But that’s how you deal with the effects of it.

  1. Power is power It is not necessary to wait for acceptance.

I’m not talking about the mafia. Or the power of having money (but it is part of the message) because the real power that I am talking about is “Power of choice”

Do you think you have the power to make a choice? If not, what is the one that stops your right to choose?

Yes, you will never gain true power. If you ignore this fact “We all have the power and the right to make every choice in life.”

  1. Everyone has a story of trauma in their heart. Is that we will have the opportunity to know, or not.
  2. Being a better person than being a smart person.

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