June 4, 2023
7 Real-Life Messages If accepted, you are an adult who understands the world

7 Real-Life Messages If accepted, you are an adult who understands the world

  1. Failure is part of our life. You must accept that “The lives of all great people face failures,” and you are just facing one thing. That is human nature is “falling”, the key is to fall and get up? How quickly get up

Those who have never failed are only those who have never accomplished anything. When you dare to accept this truth That is equal to You have grown one step further.

  1. You must admit the flaws. And the mistakes in my own life It is meaningless if you are caught up in your own mistakes, thinking too much, or blaming yourself and what will happen. If you are living with fear as your guide It will just lead you in the wrong direction.

You have to start to accept yourself. Admit what you lack Where is the defect? ​​Because there is no one who is good at everything. Man is made different. To be able to use your talents to help others who lack what they don’t, pay attention to your flaws, accept it, and focus on what you are good at.

  1. There is no perfection in this world. If you are a perfectionist That is just an ideal. The fact is There is nothing that is made of humans and can be 100% perfect. Of course, trying to do your best is good. But sticking to the word It’s perfect where it’s wrong.

Waiting for the perfect plan to take action. That’s fantasizing because you won’t be doing anything. If this idea does not change, you will grow old and die with your imperfections.

  1. What you have now is the present. You have the right to think about dreaming of a beautiful future. Have the right to tell the story of the past. Either a delight to be admired, or a dread that will be an experience for people.

But you absolutely must not forget that You have only now and now Only present That you can make things happen We can never foresee the future when our life will end. You should always think that “I will make today look like the last day of my life.” So you don’t have to regret the last moment of your life. “I haven’t done that yet. I haven’t done this yet. ”Do it from the day you were still alive.

  1. There is a difference between working hard and working smart. The world has changed now. If you are not a factory worker Who did what over and over all day But if you work in the company It is not a smart way to be a hard worker by working slowly. Until full time Until work time has passed To make the conservative master think “You’re such a diligent person.”

Despite the fact that You are the kind that spend a lot of time working. But had little results If you are a person like this I recommend stopping. And transform into people who think and act in the fastest way To get the most results in the least time is better. Listen, you may feel like, “This way is obvious. Why do I work hard for the company? When it will be slow or fast Get the same salary “

Yes, but this is the way of thinking of those who think of living this day for the rest of their lives. That you are fully capable of creating work with a fast time. It’s not doing it for anyone. It’s all about doing it for yourself. If you don’t train yourself to be good Be faster than others The days you grow up will never happen. The day you go out and create your own life. Probably only a dream

6.You can always make time for yourself if you want. We always have free time. You just make it go away without thinking. The popular saying “I don’t have time” is just an elegant saying by someone who doesn’t manage time, but claims “I don’t have time” to make others sympathize.

But it is strange that these people There will be time to play on the phone, surf social, take nice photos, sleep, watch Y o u T u b e or even play a game They always have time to do these things every day. By telling society that “I don’t have time”

  1. What was last? Just let it and go When you meet a failure How do you have to feel about it? Will you grieve or not? What if you find success? How do you have to feel? Must feel welcome Feeling satisfied with your success, do you have to celebrate it?

Not at all, the fact is These matters It’s just a temporary occurrence. You might be able to get along with it, but don’t pay attention to it or take it as a matter of your future because of what has already happened. It does not determine your future at all. Even a little The eagle can still be shot down from the sky. And what happened to human life

These 7 things are true that we all face. Whether it is our own life Or those around And if you know this much What are you going to do next? While complaining about life, blaming others, making excuses for keeping yourself in the same place. Or will change your mind Change the action again Create a new, better self today. And make life from now on to follow the reality of life

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