June 8, 2023
5 ways to calm down habits Train yourself to be good at patience

5 ways to calm down habits Train yourself to be good at patience

1.Wake up consciously Instead of waking up, checking social media news is the first thing of the day.

Give yourself 5-10 minutes to meditate calmly before receiving other news to help you start the day in a more stable mood.

  1. Eat mindfully Sometimes we also eat and talk on the phone. Sometimes I also eat, watch the TV screen. Mobile screen Then the last time

Who eat food one bite at a time, get the taste and thank the food at that meal When is that?

3.Walk mindfully Walking forward grateful for everything, thanks to the body that still has enough strength to be able to walk. Thanks to the roads that were comfortable enough to walk on foot.

And walked with kindness with the feeling that “I want to make only a beautiful wrinkle in this world”

4.Work with consciousness In the midst of the job monsoon And communicating with many people throughout the day We can easily practice consciousness and awareness. Just close your eyes, go in and out five times deep.

By giving consciousness to the wind without thinking about anything else And then return to focus on the job in front of you again

  1. Have a mindful conversation Listen carefully Listen without judging the interlocutor. Transform yourself into an empty container ready to listen to the person in front of you.

As you speak, be aware of the beauty of the relationship between you and your interlocutor, communicating with love, with good intentions, with the heart to create good meanings between them.

If doing 5 things and still do not see the results as expected Try to do the number 6 and above.

  1. Count to ten Let’s start with the basic way of counting mental arithmetic. When you are angry with someone, count one to ten. Or will count to a hundred to a thousand, then no one would say

Because counting will result in us concentrating And also have time to reflect on what others have done to us And what we are thinking of doing as well

  1. Let go, do not stick to the problems that arise today. It’s partly because people have too many ego. If we try to change our mind Not attached to identity And then try to think that in the end one day we had to hit and disappear.

In a cycle like this forever Therefore, if we accept this cycle of birth – no matter what. It is only a small matter.

  1. Go through the left ear through the right ear Don’t get it wrong. Because usually the word “listen to the left ear through the right ear” is used to refer to people who listen to something and do not care, do not accept new ideas.

But now I’m referring to If it is not a matter then Listening in the left and right ears is good. Because it makes us not pay attention to what is said

  1. Thinking too much? Overthinking is one of the parts that makes the weather even more hot. The more events I don’t feel like it anymore. The more anxious When things happen, they will be even more thoughtful. Until he does not eat and sleep

Try changing from negative thoughts to good thoughts, because they shape our way of life. Do not believe, try to do it, think good, do good enough

  1. Meditation There are many forms of meditation. You can meditate or walk in meditation.

As I have written in the previous volumes That when concentrating, consciously When there is awareness When there is a problem, there will be a solution.

  1. Know He Knows Us Sometimes we just try to pay attention to the habits of those around you. Was able to make us live together in society in a cool way

But we must know to suppress our emotions as well. Because when we know that he is a person like this If we cannot accept his personality So stay away Keep as the best So as to not have to have a conflict

  1. Apologize if we make a mistake, it is the most common thing to say, it’s not a serious matter if we have to apologize, because it doesn’t detract from our dignity.

But it is the recognition of what is wrong It will also make the difficult situation resolved. We shouldn’t use apologies so bluntly, as this will add up to a bad habit. Do nothing without being careful.

  1. Smile of Line A smile can make the world brighter. As the saying goes, “If you smile, the world will smile at you.”

Just where you go and only smile for those around you. People around it will also have a better mood.

  1. Going in and out deeply By going in and out for a long time, we can become more conscious of what happened and make our bones clear. Relax from the incoming and outgoing wind.

So, before deciding to do something in a moment of anger, try to get in and out slowly, it will improve the situation around you.

  1. Do not run, but do not fight. If we are unable to do anything with the events that happen in front of you But to keep it, fear of becoming suppressed, will walk away, it will become unacceptable.

If this happens Must use careful mindfulness to decide on solving problems Listen to what others have said And improve the bad parts But if it is what he said so much, then you don’t have to worry about wasting your time and thinking about it. Because by doing so It did not bring any good results.

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