June 8, 2023

5 skills that you should have in your pocket When encountering obstacles It will take you through it

  1. Be silent, speak less, listen more. Basically, people who talk a lot lose their composure. The less likely you are to listen to a good solution.

Chinese proverb warns that … Think three fields, so proceed After three rounds, he opened his mouth

  1. Smooth is simple, neat is smooth, the disadvantage of having angles and angles is

Being caught in a corner is easily broken, a person who is still, simple, does not need any trick. This is to create the prestige of sincerity for others to know.

  1. Endure to face injustice, not anger, not anger. One is very angry, the second is the frustration that doesn’t solve the problem.

They are generous to put up with things that cannot be fixed. Have the courage to change what can change There is wisdom to distinguish these two things. Here are three characteristics of a successful person.

  1. Agree on the guilt and the right in the big things, but not the small things.

What can be done according to other people’s opinion? He did not hold back his opinion, one step away from the sky, and the distance was far and wide, the other was to follow the opinions of other people. Wrong, someone is responsible

  1. Tired of looking at everything to become numb. Including fame, money, and emotion, there is nothing that would not be able to leave without

There are two sides to obtaining a loss. Lost in this side The mind is freed, there is an opportunity to taste alternatives.

Of course, we talk about things that should have. It is not a matter of having a wealth of ten million rich assets in order to have a leisurely life. (Because it would not be an easy matter When)

But what is more important is the adjustment of our attitudes and lifestyle. Because if we have a good starting point We can gradually Create a good life style for yourself.

  1. Have goals with life.

Nearly 100% of the self-improvement books say this at the very beginning, in other words, people who succeed or lead a good life tend to start from their own goals that they reach. The goals may vary from person to person.

Whether it is goals for your career, work, family, relationships, financial status, health, etc., all of these things are the guiding principles for us to envision ourselves that in the years to come. Two years ahead Or the future How are we going to be? The more someone has a clearer picture, the more likely they will know where to go.

How far away from the target now And what must be done in order to get there Wrong with people who have no goals yet Which will not know how to spend the rest of the time

  1. Have time to develop yourself.

If we wish to have a good life What we have to accept first is that we have to change as well. And that requires us to develop ourselves in various fields Stop making excuses or excuses for not taking action.

Giving yourself a little bit of time is an investment in yourself to move on to something new and better. Learning new things is the extension of our thoughts. Practice increases the potential to create new opportunities. It can happen in the future and it cannot happen on its own if we don’t give up time for it.

  1. Have good friends

Having a good friend is worth more than having a lot of money. Because having friends is more than just status But is like a spiritual refuge in many ways Situations like being someone who can share experiences

Can build on the idea for ourselves We see many lives better because of our friends, as well as many people. People whose lives fail because they make bad friends Take a look around us and ask yourself if today around us is a “true friend” or a “good friend”. Do they help us live a better life?

  1. Have a good teacher.

I once answered a question about teachers that it is not a profession. But it is the spirit of the people who do It conveys and allows us to learn and grow. The word teacher that I picked up said here as well. Having a good teacher can be a light in the way of life for us on days we may wonder. Can’t find the answer

Or even the day that was lost Teachers in our lives can be from many angles. Either as a work teacher or a life teacher. Talking to a friend may give us some peace of mind. But sometimes we need people with experience and knowledge to suggest things that our friends may not be able to say. Or not in a position where we can speak Having a good teacher is no different from having a great guide to our lives.

  1. Have a good heart.

No matter how smart we are, how rich we are, if our hearts are not clean Our life may not be happy. This is what we always say, because unclean hearts often cause us suffering, directly or indirectly. Short or long term

But good-hearted people We will look at the world. With a positive attitude Know how to live with the right things Useful to life Instead of choosing to live with the things that pull us in place or make it more flat.

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