June 8, 2023
3 reasons, if you want to feel comfortable..do not think as the boss

3 reasons, if you want to feel comfortable..do not think as the boss

Jack Ma, a world-class billionaire that everyone has heard of once.

Invited to an address on the topic of “Leadership” revealed his own concept of “Leadership”.

“Don’t think of being a boss if you’re happy.”

Which teaches you how to be a leader or a leader That being a leader and that being a leader

Indeed, how should there be personality, attitude, and role-setting? There are 3 big issues.

Let’s see what So that they can be explored and adapted to the most benefit for them.

  1. Being a leader is not as fun as you think.

Jack Ma employs tens of thousands of people in the company, although he has management that seems easy to the general public. But his life

Not as simple as you think Until there is a cool sentence that says, “If you live a happy life Don’t think about being the boss “

Because life is full of pressure If something goes wrong You have to show

To be responsible and must be resolved immediately. Do not put the blame on your subordinates.

  1. You have to keep pushing people.

When it comes to solving a difficult problem, Jack Ma offers some catchy advice.

“Even today it is bad And tomorrow will be even worse But the day ahead, it will become beautiful. “

As a leader, you need to inspire your team to make it through bad times.

By not adhering to the past It shows that tomorrow can make it a good day for us.

Being a boss isn’t as easy as you think. Not just walking and pointing fingers and order to go all day But you must have the knowledge and ability.

Be attentive to all your workforce. In order to make your work work in the most profitable and efficient way.

  1. You must be in love.

There should be three things to be a leader: IQ, EQ and LQ.

At this point probably known IQ (intellectual intelligence) vs EQ (emotional intelligence) are great.

As for LQ, it is “love” that we are the head. You have to have love for your workforce for your employees.

Be ready to work together for the greatest benefit and efficiency. Because they will be under your control.

Therefore, having love is important. Often times, the boss is not accepted by the people within the team.

Due to lack of love, care and understanding This makes the work difficult, seldom successful, and smoothness becomes possible.

Being that leader or leadership Does not depend on the position received

But it depends on the respect of the team’s respect for that person.

How to be a leader if no one is following? You can be a leader only if someone follows you.

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