June 8, 2023
18 short but powerful words Tell yourself every day “You will be a new person, stronger heart than before.”

18 short but powerful words Tell yourself every day “You will be a new person, stronger heart than before.”

  1. I am satisfied with what I have.

No matter how rich you are If you are not satisfied with what you have

You will never find happiness.

  1. I am confident in who I am.

Because it is what I want to describe your success.

And think you’ve reached it It will be a great inspiration.

  1. I am a pleasant person.

You have to think that you are who you are, and that you are not a good associate.

Cute habits start by telling yourself that you are first.

  1. I attract love from my inner love.

Everything you do on a daily basis can be motivated by your own love.

  1. I treat other people. As I treat myself

How do you love yourself? How do you respect yourself?

You should do that too if you want people to do that to you.

  1. I have people who love and care next to me.

It makes you brave and powerful.

When he knew that there was someone by his side Always here to support

  1. I am ready to correct and take responsibility for what I am doing wrong.

Do not make a mistake. Be you

Take responsibility and correct it This is what you should do.

  1. I am ready to achieve my goals.

And see obstacles as opportunities for growth

Just you think you can overcome obstacles. You’ve won half of that.

  1. I am ready to build my good life with my own hands.

One thing that will increase your chances of success is that we know that

We are ready to build it. And believe that we can do it with our own hands

  1. I love to give a smile.

And laughter Smiles and laughter

It is a wonderful magic that makes you cured no matter what.

  1. I live with the hope of good things.

Will happen, life may seem a little dry If there is no hope at all

You should have hope that good things will happen to you.

  1. I am free to do what I do.

Maybe it’s only in our thoughts.

Thought that we were free to do, we were free.

  1. Feelings are mine I can control it

I choose to have a happy, bad day.

It can turn into a good day, it is only in our point of view.

  1. I feel healthier and fresher than anyone else.

Day, tell yourself that you are in good health.

And live a life of good health as you say, eat well, exercise

  1. I hope what I do will benefit everyone.

When you see the value See the importance of the people around

It will make you stay together. Calm and happy

  1. I have an ari mind with others.

One thing that every human being should have.

And should be done with fellow human beings together, is kindness, embrace Ari

  1. I am satisfied because I know I don’t have everything. Enough for everyone

Everything in this world is limited. Unilateral leverage

Without sharing at all It doesn’t make anyone happy.

  1. I appreciate relationship and love.

Happiness is doubled if you share with one another.

Likewise, suffering will be halved. If you share with other people

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