June 8, 2023

15 good ideas you should do before age 45, have you eat, spend your whole life

  1. Study for financial knowledge on a regular basis.

Knowledge can be obtained from books or by attending webboard training, YouTube fan pages.

And friends, there are many ways to access knowledge Giving us a deeper knowledge of today

  1. Choose to invest money only cold money.

Investing requires time and capital opportunities, and if the capital is real, we won’t have much trouble, a minimum of cash should be set. That was spent at least 12 months, the rest could be invested.

One day, financial freedom has to come, and it’s okay to do whatever we do.

Which still has income coming in To be consistent even without having to work Believe everyone can do it

  1. Learn to invest by using other people’s money.

For example, borrowing money to buy a condo, we will make a lot of profit from a small investment, for example, I invested a condo at Rama 9, bought 5 years ago for 1.8 million, using my own money 2 hundred thousand.

The remaining bank borrowers pay ten thousand baht per month. Can be rented all the time, 1.4 thousand baht per month.

And currently sold on the website, priced at 2.8 million baht, if sold, will have a profit of about 1 million

And profit from the difference of rent and the pass amount as well

4.Learn from our investments that go wrong.

Everyone who has ever invested must have However, it is normal to do so. May have been in insider stocks for nearly ten years.

Just sold without having to give up investing in stocks But will stop playing stock in a way that has been used before

  1. Be careful with the economy.

Such as Wikrit Tom Yum Kung, Vikriti Hamburger It makes the rich and poor in the blink of an eye. Knowledge of economics is important. To understand the economic cycle that is both growing

And slump alternately throughout the observation of economic indicators. It helps the investment in timing and the risk is not high.

  1. Choose a property that is not an investment well.

Such as houses and cars that we use because they do not change often, it is considered a sinking cost until they are sold out, we should choose a house in a good location with a good value for money, which is convenient to work.

By visiting no less than 50 projects before deciding to buy a popular model in the market. Cost-effective and not spoiled often

  1. Start recording property and income growth every year.

The recording helps us to see where we are going to improve. And used to define a guideline towards goals, including Income growth

Property growth And return on investment To achieve financial freedom

  1. Saving money other than bank deposit.

Other savings options include government bonds. Mutual Fund Debentures And life insurance

It is advisable to try because the increased rewards will reach the target quickly.

  1. Reduce costs that are easy to do and see real results.

The first thing to do is to restore the house to reduce the degradation. Second, the cable is switched to no monthly fee.

It saves a hundred thousand baht a year.

  1. Use a credit card as a tool to reduce costs for us.

Do not spend more than you. The recommended reason is to pay with a credit card because the reward points are discounted and the cash back is better than using cash.

I use several credit cards. By paying in full And choose to use the card that offers the most discounts

  1. Choose a job that you like and feel good about.

Finding a stand that suits you It helps make the salary

And the position is growing faster, it is important to choose to work with a smart boss will help us to progress faster.

  1. Learn to invest to always have extra income.

The future could become the main income, such as investing in stocks, mutual funds, gold capital, condos.

And online sales. Before investing, you have to study and know how to get the risk.

  1. Keep the bonus money well.

It is a large sum of money that can be invested. Should reward yourself each year not more than 30% of the bonus.

And the rest are invested You can do this, we will be happy. To save more money than spend money

14.Saving money at a young age

Stay in control of your own feelings by gradually purchasing large items, such as mobile phones, travel packages, and cars.

To keep the distance apart because the worries of people are infinite, we should buy An item that has a chance to actually use Things you don’t want to use, so don’t buy them.

  1. Collect the first million baht. Then the next million will be easy

This statement is true Because when we learn the correct way to manage money until we have the first million baht, then the next million

It is not a very serious matter, coupled with the first million capital we have to extend our wealth.

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