June 4, 2023

12 points to say that this person is a smart and dependable woman

  1. She is smart without showing off. An important quality to see if a woman is really smart or not. It is to look at her expression as a whole, “What are you good at?”

What you are good at must be something that people around you can feel about yourself. Which the person does not have to show off Get likes score Or demands attention in any way Or never told anyone at all

  1. When there is a problem, she is calm enough not to make an instant drama. Smart women tend to be conscious enough to distinguish that “directness doesn’t have to be strong” first. Sometimes it can lead to the blame for falling asleep.

So she chose to keep the information quietly all around before saying anything. “Laugh louder than”

3.Speak because it is not as important as you know the time. It is very common nowadays if women are going to talk a little bit, but this is not the case with everyone. Or revealing too much identity

A smart woman always knows who she is with, what she should say, and even if she breaks out, she chooses the situation with the knowledge that it is a bad thing. And whenever she speaks normally She always gives importance to the person who is speaking.

  1. She will not be afraid of trouble. Do not worry about beauty all the time. A smart woman will not indulge herself in any kind of values ​​over and over, even though she has one look as her own.

But, you won’t be worried if you have to adjust to a variety of situations. Sometimes too lazy to make up Sometimes she is not afraid to go crazy, she doesn’t always lock herself in one frame.

  1. When you give the opportunity to express yourself She will avoid methods of hurting others, even if you accidentally show her a bad grudge, she will not respond in a bad way.

She will endeavor to warn in a manner that is least hospitable to each other. But let the person who is doing wrong is best aware of Without needing to vote for anyone to have to face each other in any way

6.Though she is not good at talking But you have a way of expressing yourself to please others. She always honors unfamiliar people by being a good listener. To observe what he likes What kind of attitude

In order to find the right way to empathize Although she is not a good speaker But the way you express yourself will ensure that the person you are with always feels important to her.

7.She is brave enough to hold on to guilt or disappointment. If you are at fault She did not hesitate to apologize immediately without forcing the tears of her daughter. And when met with disappointment

Or will have to be terminated It is very comfortable to tell her the truth directly, because what she is most likely to do is to fiddle with or have to know the truth later.

  1. What can I do? She always does it by herself first. Without waiting for the hero riding on a white horse. “Gentlemen” in the age of smart girls often refer to men walking side by side. Help each other with each stick and hand.

But it does not mean that women have to exercise “Lady First” rights, seducing men to help without doing anything. What You Can Do She didn’t hesitate to start on her own first. If it is really all that hard, you will ask for help. Getting help when you can In your eyes means taking advantage.

  1. If you are a follower She will not make you feel bad. If you lead She will catch up without feeling like she is a competitor. “Honoring others” is one of the things that makes her so friendly.

She values ​​everyone equally. Even if they have different positions or shells. Whoever you are with always gets a good feeling from her. If you’re joking around, she knows it, but she chooses not to be too blatant. If you are playing jokes I don’t feel laughing You will have a better way to express yourself. In a way that you don’t feel any worse

  1. Her attitude often starts with a neutral opinion when she is given the opportunity to express an opinion on a particular topic. Whether it is a matter of your expertise or not.

She always takes a moment to look around. And then look at the angles that she is pleased with Even if you have an opinion that offends her She also has the ability to soften it down to the point that it is totally desirable. Without even realizing that she was convincing you to conform

11.She never closes herself. Smart women often see the value of being brave. If anything you think you can take care of yourself. She didn’t hesitate to say yes.

But if anything that you think is not worth She did not hesitate to let go without mourn or regret later on. Simply put, smart women always have a “thug heart” in themselves.

  1. She is a good adaptation. She never stopped. Or easily surrender to anything. In a normal state of happiness, she is always looking for more fun. In times of distress, she has a variety of solutions.

If it is to be said that you are always an optimist It’s not so wrong One of the charms of a woman is to be very anonymous. Like a diamond that sparkles in it Set in the showcase often People are getting bored. Sneak it in the corner. The spark catches people’s eyes without knowing it for themselves.

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