June 4, 2023

11 paths of people to survive Like a wise man

  1. Always inquisitive, Albert Einstein once said of himself. I don’t have any special ability.

I am just a little less aware of that. A 2016 publication indicates that opening the world in childhood is associated with curiosity as an adult.

  1. Discipline Discipline or the ability to control yourself S e l f – C o n t r o l is associated with intelligence.

A 2009 TDALONG study asked participants to choose between receiving a certain amount immediately or waiting for a large sum later.

It appears that the participants who chose to wait to receive a large sum of money Tend to score higher on intelligence tests than other groups

  1. Have a sense of humor People with a sense of humor are often smart.

One study indicated that The person who scored the narrative score Can make funny cartoon high

A lot of people will be language-wise. While another study indicated that

Comedians tend to score higher than average for their language quotient.

  1. Pay attention to those around you People who care about their needs Feelings of others

And do what they want Is an emotionally intelligent person at the same time Emotional intelligence also means

Interest in talking to new people and ready to learn things From people to talk to

  1. Connect thoughts about things. A smart person sees things that others do not see. Because they can connect ideas

From things that seem unrelated, for example, how do you think sashimi and watermelon are the same?

The answer is that they both have to be eaten when they are raw and cold to taste delicious.

  1. Procrastination Smart people procrastinate from their daily or repetitive tasks. At the time he found his goal

Or more importantly, psychologists say that this is the heart of innovation.

When Steve Jobs wanted to find new possibilities. He will take away With debating to find different ideas

And ready to turn your back on basic ideas Or anything other people Can guess

  1. Contemplating on many questions Wise people often have questions about the universe and the meaning of life. They tend to be anxious

With these matters that may There will be some real parts. Because the sages in this world are all asking simple questions: What is life?

8.You know you don’t know Not afraid to say that I don’t know and will learn things I don’t know.

Because of the unwise The students who received the lowest score were assessed higher than they really were.

From giving the test Estimates the answers for which you will be able to answer 50 percent correctly.

While the students with the highest scores were assessed much closer to the truth.

  1. I like being with myself A smart person has individuality. Which assumed they might take those pondering questions.

Or something that you are interested in Relate to the real life that many times we have a crush on ideas when we are alone.

  1. Be open-minded; the wise do not block themselves. When there is a new opportunity or idea

He’s always looking for alternatives. Then weigh in to find out the best reasons these people will lose.

By accepting something simple, he will only find the answer until there is really solid evidence.

11.Adaptable and flexible Smart people tend to be flexible and adapt well in different situations.

Without being shaken by the ambiguity Or any limitations, there is a result of psychological research to support that

Intelligence can change behavior To cope with the changing environment

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