June 4, 2023

10 ways to practice being a “self-reliant person” to start doing today is great

Being self-sufficient is a key skill for those who You can gain more control over your life and less achieve your goals without needing help. Being more self-reliant gives you the freedom to do what you want. Doing it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks And it will allow you to find your own solutions to problems as well.

In addition, the study also found that The more we can rely on ourselves The happier we are! It is because people can feel relief and joy when we have control over our own lives, don’t you know how to do it? Go ahead and follow these steps.

1.Accept yourself

You cannot build yourself that is strong and independent if you cannot live with who you are. Accept your body, your personality, your opinions. Your choice Your liking And your life story Do not speak bad to yourself. Everyone can be strong Everyone has a lot to have to endure and prove their strength. Leave my mistakes in the past

And learn from it. Try to change yourself into a better person. And most importantly, self-love. Acceptance of yourself is an essential part of being independent. Because accepting yourself will prevent you from trying to act like everyone else.

  1. Believe in yourself

If the size you still do not believe in yourself. So who will believe you? We are all different and we have different things to say. No one can say anything for you. And not everyone will agree with what you have to say. And the main reason why you have to be firm in who you are is because

In the end, the person who will always be with you is yourself. And nothing is more important than believing in yourself. Believing in yourself will make you believe in your own decisions. Even if it contradicts the expectations of others or even the expectations of society altogether. If you don’t have faith in yourself You will hesitate and turn to others whenever you have to make a decision. Step out of that point

  1. Accept the world

Self-sufficient people are not arrogant people. And I do not believe that all human race is bad. A self-sufficient person is one who sees both the good and the bad of the world and chooses to be strong for himself and herself. Others You are not self-sufficient because you do not trust anyone. You can not rely on yourself because you think you are better than others. Follow the instructions below.

Choose to accept the world and decide to be strong. Adopting the world and its complexities will help you see how There are countless ways of life in this world. No one will force you to choose just one type of life.

  1. Independent of freedom

It is possible that you may rely on someone else to provide emotional support, perhaps a parent. Boyfriend or girlfriend Or good close friends Although you can rely on them for the rest of your life. But it’s better for yourself if you realize Everyone in your life that you rely on will one day have to leave you.

Some people may move to another place. Some people may stop talking to you. And in the end, everyone has to die, the only person who will always be by your side is yourself. If you have your own emotional support You will never be disappointed. It’s okay to bond with a few important people in life. But don’t let these people determine your happiness level. You have to be custom

  1. Motivate yourself.

Others are ignorant and will never pay as much attention to your success as yourself. Motivation and success are a matter of habits. You have to give up bad habits like procrastination. And create better planning habits instead The most successful people in the world are not always the smartest or the best.

But regardless of their talents or gifts that the heavens have given What they do is Reinforce self-esteem with multiple victories, small and big. It’s the motivation that makes you know how to learn things in school. Build confidence in the date. And all matters in your life

If you are not successful in your career You have to do it to make yourself happy. Do not do it because of And satisfies the family As with studying, if you do get really good grades then do it because doing it makes yourself happy. Do not do it because of And make the family rejoice Don’t persuade yourself to drop heavy pounds, publish a book. Or build a house because only And impress others But do it because you do Driving themselves towards success Do it for yourself

6.Have yourself a hero

Your idol may inspire and guide you in life. It’s not wrong to have someone who shares the same values ​​as you and you respect them with your heart. But lastly, the most important thing is You have to see yourself as a hero. Be the one to do or say whatever your heart desires. Aim to be yourself and be the best.

As long as you are unable to respect yourself. You too will never be a truly self-reliant person. Avoid praising your friends or acquaintances as an idol. Because it will make you forget to do your own thing

  1. Accept that life is not fair.

Our parents care so much for us that they give everything they can to nurture us to grow up in an equitable and fair environment. But the big problem in today’s world is The real world is not always rotated by equality and justice. The rules of the world, if not protecting the majority (So ​​you might not be one of them), it protects people who have money and power. You will be treated unfairly due to many injustices.

Be it color, brilliance, height, amount of money you have, opinion, and everything that constitutes your identity. But no matter how you are treated You just have to be happy with life. But don’t let injustice stop you from doing the things you do.

For example, you might be a man, a nurse, a woman in Cong Tai, or the first in a family to graduate to a university. Do it now. But tell yourself that what you dream will never come true in your current world.

  1. Stop worrying about what others will think.

This is the most important aspect of being self-sufficient. Because if you keep waiting for others to tell you that the music you listen to is cool or not. Or is the clothes you wear cute? You probably won’t be happy as long as you like it, otherwise it doesn’t matter.

Stop worrying about how others will judge your life. Whether it is a matter of clothes you wear. Your chosen profession Or the person you choose as your partner Because of these things, the decision maker is you and not anyone else, but if you keep getting annoying thoughts that pop up in your head, “But what would other people think if…” is that you are stopping yourself from doing your own thing.

  1. Don’t just think you’re the best.

Prove to yourself agree Opinions are most important to your motivation. But you will only know if you put your energy into achieving success.Start simply by taking on your job responsibilities with strong faith in yourself that you can cope with what comes in because of you. Having done it before rather than trying to achieve it

Because you feel enthusiastic or unsure inside Zeal and indecision make little success. But it doesn’t make you feel bad about yourself.

  1. Make your own information

Watch and read news from many sources. Follow as much as you can. And listen to all stories from both sides before creating your own opinion You can talk to people from different backgrounds to get information on more relevant topics. But don’t let others tell you what you have to think.

Make it a goal to read as many books as possible. Whether it is literature or Thai Rath newspaper Because being a person with a lot of information will prevent you from becoming a follower. And gives you more of your own ideas as well

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