June 8, 2023

10 things not to do Understanding before the age of 35 will be happy. (About the life)

  1. Do not bend over the sky, there is still sky. Above the people there are still people. If your life is on the rise

Don’t be fussy. Any day that people are praising Do not float until your feet do not get on the ground.

Power turns and watch at different times Prosperous but submissive The day of having to get off the stage There will still be people to love and respect.

  1. There is a way of salvation for others. This world, big fish eat small fish. But remember

“Left a way for him to go down Is to leave a way for himself to be saved “

Like this, he was full of hearts. Sympathy for the better is a kind of virtue.

When we can do this, we will have a wide range of merit and relationship with people.

  1. Do not choose people because of their appearance. Do not be because he is well dressed. Thought that he was a good person with honesty

Do not be because he dressed, repaired, and looked down upon him. When known to appreciate the looks of other people

Know how to appreciate the virtues and virtues that are within others as well

  1. Do not belittle others. The destiny of every human being has its own ups and downs, so if you see someone, you can help.

I can’t help it, don’t look down. Today he falls, may he tomorrow. Today we tomorrow, tomorrow we may fall.

  1. Don’t ask anyone for help easily. One proverb says, “The ice of spring is already thin.

Someone’s kindness is even more thin. ”Whoever day did she ask for help? If he accepts help, it is better to go.

If he won’t help She will feel angry with him. Would you immediately look at that person in a bad light…?

It is possible to do it yourself, you can do it yourself. Except for the poor, actually speaking When speaking, you must be mentally prepared.

  1. Do not give a promise to please Truth is an important person, a person whose truth is the way to be even more widespread.

Anything that cannot be done, but do not promise to compliment Because the end result was not as beautiful as you thought.

Because she doesn’t just become truthless She will have no friends and family.

  1. Do not laugh at others, when you laugh at others, you may have fun.

But those who may be remembered to impress him for the rest of his life When it was our turn to fail We may be returned ten times as much.

Learn to understand others. Standing in someone else’s spot

  1. Don’t over-coerce anyone. What they don’t like Do not push into other people. Whenever you have the power

Do not use your power to indulge, because they will see you not worthy of respect. Not worth being loyal to

Everyone needs their own space. When he doesn’t endure you, that’s what I’m talking about.

  1. Do not interrupt the old adage saying, “Say, lose two pawn cards Stagnate and frustrated. “Talk a lot, it will hurt a lot.

To say the least, it is less corrupt. Practice calming one’s mouth and calming words For peace produces wisdom and is the quality of the good.

Do not interrupt other people’s conversation. This is a dishonest thing and is a true expression of her own personality.

  1. Do not take it easy, it destroys the relationship between those around you.

But more importantly, when she is angry. She is often so insane. Find a place to rest to regain consciousness before

Before you decide to do something That will make you sad for the rest of your life

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