June 8, 2023

10 money ideas “Don’t wait for rich to collect,” think like this

  1. to place a greater emphasis on financial freedom over social standing

This is what people tend to do. Will bring his own position to compare With anyone who does not know and puts pressure on yourself. Must build over there to build this

In order to identify themselves as well As well, unlike a millionaire Who likes to live a relaxed life, do not take the words of other people into account, have enough to eat and not create debt. Came as a traction problem Brace your own life

2.Dedicate time to laying Self building plan

That is, we can see most of the rich examples. Successful These people will take that Work and free time Think about expanding your business, planning how to make your own money grow again.

That is why people are more involved, which is quite different. From ordinary people is He spends his time thinking about leisure and is often referring to it. Establishing yourself always doesn’t have time.

  1. Use less than what you can find.

It is a trait of good people who are good when they earn a lot of money. If we have discipline in using Pay will help you have more money to collect and help build your position faster.

For example, if one day to earn 1,000 baht, if we spend 1,000 baht, it means today Work has been wasted

  1. Strive to build yourself as yourself with your bare hands.

Is not relying on money from parents, money from inheritance because of those money Is the money given by the parents We come with passion if those money are used.

And if you don’t plan well, your money may be exhausted quickly, but if you start from scratch yourself, starting from scratch. The chances of success are easier.

Because we too will know the value of Money and care To spend more

  1. Choose the right career.

It is a character that people Many of them have already been successful. He will choose a profession that He thinks that he can do his best to do it. For myself to be able to do it well

For example, if you are a car repair person, choose to open a garage and learn good car repair techniques when we do well.

What follows is the customers who come to use the service. And generate income for us, which is quite different From people today That choose to work on something popular

For example, seeing him open a coffee shop and rung They flocked to open a coffee shop, etc. Which of these styles is not likely to do with

  1. Setting clear goals

We often see successful millionaires. The path of these people’s pain is not accidental.

Rather, it arises from the fact that he has a goal and is clearly pursuing that goal. For example, his goal is not to have a business and to make it. Success

And accepted Then he used his diligence and diligence to walk towards his goals, which our full-time staff could set a goal. You can do that as well.

  1. Create good habits for the children.

Being a millionaire Often people care about it and do not let us be their advocate, but in a good way. More then we

Should establish good character To the grandchildren So that he could rely on Themselves without having to wait to ask to use our money alone

  1. Identification

If having money and spending only one Seems to be too generous We often see the rich in Tai.

Many of you who brought the money He will take part of himself to pay to help the homeless, because he will think that What he has already acquired is very much, should be shared with others.

  1. It is always capped.

Is that even though I am busy Being a billionaire But the characteristics that should be taken like that, we can see that

People tend to think that they do not like others, is to bring the money they have to invest to continue to have more money.

  1. Always get more knowledge.

It is one thing that business people prefer to do. Because these people he will not let himself be old-fashioned and no Knowledge, but he will try to bring new great things into it.

To help himself become better and to be able to use that skill to be used in the era of making his work grow Which is quite different from the general public

Who are not interested in education Get more knowledge Because I think that is what the time is.

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