June 8, 2023
10 habits of real rich people That we might not have expected .. and never know before

10 habits of real rich people That we might not have expected .. and never know before

I have had the opportunity to interview many of the wealthy nationally, people who are mostly self-made from scratch.

The weirdness is that these people have similar habits. And, more surprisingly, the habits of these rich

Back, as opposed to what other people Think, I have compiled 10 items to consider. Let’s see how many of them we have are the habits of a wealthy magnate.

1 ‘Don’t have a funnel to make money, don’t have a funnel to spend money’.

Most people like the funnel to have a lot of money to spend on the small things, but these real rich people don’t want a cone to use.

But not the funnel in order to have more money to do business, sell business and invest more.

2 ‘Tang Kong’

This one is hilarious. These very rich people spend their money. Some people eat coffee.

Starbucks also complained that it was expensive. I said Sia do not have to pay. I’ll treat it by myself, haha.

3 ‘These people love to talk from afar’.

How do you talk to these people? Like traveling to the future What do you look at for the next ten years?

4 ‘I like listening, I don’t like speaking’

This one, I failed the exam because I like to speak, but these people Usually a good listener, likes to listen to little, but speak here.

We turned our backs ever. In the meeting room, these people rarely speak and listen, but every time they speak extremely sharp and to the point.

5 ‘very humble’

The real rich people I know are very modest.

I often say that I am not really rich (but actually very rich) and I rarely brag, but I do not show.

6 ‘Very knowledgeable’

Most people are only interested in modern things. New phone models (seals) trendsetting fashion.

But these people Only interested in the up-to-date knowledge Because he always cares about new knowledge

7 ‘Cheap Mobile Phones’

One time I went to meet Magnate customer was very rich, I heard the phone sound, he picked up a cheap phone.

He said why it was expensive to buy? I just used it to call in and out.

Oh well, I don’t have a subordinate. The type you have

8 ‘I like to invest’

These people like to invest in their lives. Likes to buy assets, land, stocks, rarely cash.

Most often buy all of the assets.

9 ‘Good buying assets. But I can’t sell

These people, whether investing or running a business, tend to spread.

Or buy it in the crisis of Velaiovna and buy and rarely sell.

10 ‘I don’t like making debt’

These people do business will focus on cold money. Rarely generate debt if a loan is needed

I plan to repay the debt as soon as possible, but carry cash, credit card is rarely used

10 items have been completed, I recommend the juniors who ask me if I do not have cones, I said that you can try to build these 10 wealthy habits if you can, and wealth will follow yourself. The younger generation goes back, ‘Oh, this kind of habit is rich to make money. You are not rich in order to spend your money here? Not fun ‘

‘Well, you just have fun, so it’s not rich’

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