June 8, 2023

At 50, you should do these 6 things, make it a habit

  1. Train the mood like a tree branch.

Some of the wind fluttering, some are still, some are silent, sometimes not as they feel. Can understand that It is a law of nature that inevitably rests and dies as if the branches had not seen it, weeping and crying.

But it will quickly grow new branches to restore itself as quickly as possible, and so do we. When it comes time to lose something, it must be understood as quickly as possible. Replace regrets with nature as an example of dharma

Then life in the end will be happy With understanding of Dharma That is natural Of that being normal

  1. They should act like chess.

Who said that you should act like chess That is because the time to stand up, walk, sit, think carefully, walk slowly, think slowly, walk like a move.

I struggled and struggled. Didn’t fall, just us alone It crashed the entire board. Lose the process of the whole house Have to let the grandchildren take care of it again

  1. Must fly out of the nest like a bird.

A bird with a nest A bird that is incubating We have aged this mortar. Where to put more eggs? Offspring that previously reed They flew out of the nest to build a new nest all together and the eggs that had no chance to hatch.

Quickly flew out of the nest like a bird When you are still able to fly, do not sit home all day and night until you get stuck in your chair. Even more to travel to other provinces The better the foreign country.

People who have traveled far away Will be refreshed, not bad, unlike the old people who are in bed. Soon he went back to his old house.

  1. Eat like a walking cat

That is, eat like a snack, eat slowly, eat slowly, eat little by little, eat light, eat often, but don’t eat a lot. Do not eat badass

The gastrointestinal system is not as good as before, and then eats like a gooey can easily be choked up through the mouth and nose

  1. Make exercise a habit.

As if not exercising on any day Didn’t sweat it out to feel numb.

Forum, what kind of forum is that? Then we will be a healthy elderly person

  1. You should sleep like a mat.

When you get old, you need to get enough sleep and do not think too much to sleep. I feel sleepy. Especially at night

Do not sleep more than four o’clock in the day if you feel sleepy. It is still good to find time to nap for fifteen minutes. Will feel a lot more refreshed

Because of old age The body is easily exhausted, requires a lot of hard work, do not overwork like a youth

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