June 4, 2023

The Chinese say these 8 words should not be spoken to themselves

Water splashed and difficult to recover. Speaking is like splashing water. Words that have been spoken are hard to get back.

Speaking is an art Speaks well and is old The Chinese say there are 8 things that should not be said.

  1. Words that cause you to give up

Anyone who needs encouragement Should not be discouraged

  1. Speech when anger and resentment

Slippery words when angry often mean hurting people.

It often hurts itself when angry, must remain calm, because these words are often hurting.

  1. Blame and condemn words should not be spoken when dissatisfied.

We often speak and blame other people.

Others took to expand the connection. Not giving good to people talking Often distorted to hurt by most of the people who say it is in trouble.

  1. Thumbs up and ridicule.

Do not say these words in a conversation. Because of lack of respect for other people In the end, they hurt other people, but they weren’t that helpful.

Hurtful words are temporary. But our personalities will be underestimated, and that will last a long time.

  1. Bragging words should not be spoken.

When chatting, it is often bragging about. No one listens to the audience. Only more disrespectful to hurt himself only

People will be great, have to do great work. The greatness that others admire Not a self-compliment A much more humble person

  1. Words are not true, do not speak.

Do not mold deception and speech into one of the five precepts.

The story of the shepherd boy always teaches the heart.

7.Secrets in the country, family, at work

They shouldn’t be projected in a public place just to show they know it.

Often times, it comes down to it, and it has to be punished.

  1. What is the cause of a person? Do not speak.

Everyone has a very personal story, no one wants anyone to know. If you have a friend to talk to Do not continue to speak.

Even though he might not be countered But revealed a shallow disposition Unethical As people must respect each other. Exposing other people’s secrets is unethical. That is the art of speaking. Good words, beautiful people.

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