June 4, 2023

Read over and calm down the teapot teaches the mind

At a house There is a high-value teapot, a pot made from the most special type of Chinese clay, so it is nodded in the head of the bed

There is one night Not careful His hand hit the teapot’s lid and fell to the ground, angry and angry when he thought that the lid had been broken. Why do you keep the crow so that it is hurtful to play?

Think so Therefore took the teapot and threw it out the window

In the morning I woke up from my bed.

Saw the lid of the teapot fall on the cotton shoes at the bedside Nothing is broken The teapot was thrown away.

The more the more the slap, the more the lid is cracked. When late, walked outside the house It appears that the teapot that was thrown that night Still on the tree, nothing is damaged.

Some stories wait a little, wait and see for a moment.

Because some matters may not be what we see, we understand. Flawlessness is like the year of the sun. Practice to calm down. That is the path of the wise.

Train yourself to be more patient with these 5 simple tips that will ensure that if you can, you will become a much calmer person.

Say thank you more

Gratitude has many benefits.One study shows that gratitude makes us feel happier, less happier.

And help make the world more optimistic Being grateful can help us become more patient.

Be more mindful

Staying mindful and being aware of our thoughts will help us organize our thoughts better. Try writing your ideas on a piece of paper.

It will help you manage your thoughts. And lets us know what makes us feel rushed or makes us impatient.

This will allow you to easily control your thoughts without distraction.

Train yourself to accept what you are. Get in trouble

We should therefore train ourselves to endure the stress. From the troubles and inconveniences And when we can endure those things

We will have more patience. And can be happy even with difficult things

Deep breath

When we feel that many things are not going the way we expected. To sigh and then take a deep breath

It can help us to calm our mind and body.

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