June 4, 2023

I just understood when I was 60 years old, it would have been good if I could think sooner. I want this to remind everyone

  1. I will stay away from people who insult me. Because they don’t understand the value of me and still cloud my mind.
  2. I will not hold my own opinion. Until having to destroy friendship. In the end, being happy alone Did not fight for happiness all over the face
  3. I will not worry about the stains on my shirts or the small errors of others, because the mind is more important than the appearance. I will look at the person’s true personality and advantages.
  4. I’ll be more positive and appreciated than blame. Because that not only makes the other person in a good mood. But also for our own benefit
  5. I will not edit anyone anymore. Even if they are wrong, making everyone perfect is not my responsibility.
  6. I don’t bargain with the vendors selling vegetables and fruits. Paying a little more had no impact on my life. But may affect them These little money could mean future tuition fees for their children.
  7. Time to pay for a taxi. I will not wait for the driver to find the shards of coins to change. Tip him a little May receive a smile in return Because after all, he was more difficult to earn a living than me.
  8. I will not say to the elders again, “This story you have told many times” because these tales help to revive your memories and reminiscences of your past.
  9. In the past, I loved my parents, siblings, and friends. Health began to decline. I turned to love myself more.
  10. I consider every day to be a happy day. End of life Because in the end the last day of life will come someday This is what I am doing that makes me happy.

Look back on the way of life Some friends who have worked together Not yet to retire from the network

Some people just retire soon. Must go to live in the hospital, as for me ..

So fortunate to still be roaming around. Thanks to all of the past That made me the way I am today

Life does not expect anything … More than success at different ages Always live a simple and happy life.

At the age of 1, success is walking without help from someone else.

At the age of 4, success is not peeing on pants.

At the age of 8, success is remembering the way home from school.

At the age of 15, success was Have many friends

At the age of 18, success is Can be admitted to university

At the age of 22, success was Graduated from university

At the age of 25, success is Have a job as a residence Can support oneself

At the age of 30, success is a family.

At the age of 35, success is Build more wealth

At the age of 45, success is Provide a good education for children

At the age of 50, success is a good image.

At the age of 55, success is Can still perform their duties well

At the age of 60, success is still able to drive.

At the age of 65 success is health, strength, no products.

At the age of 70, success is Not a burden

At the age of 75, success is Still meeting old friends

At the age of 80, success is I still remember the way home

At the age of 85, success is not coming back to piss off pants.

At the age of 90, success is Still able to walk Without having to support someone

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