June 8, 2023

Be a calm lion Don’t be a dog that keeps barking. (Write a reminder)

Successful people They always do things differently from the general public.

They have a positive attitude, are very responsible for their business success and wealth.

They are also willing to sacrifice short-term benefits. For long-term benefits

They are both the students know and surround themselves with positive people. People who care about

With education and mystery They are also good at work as well.

Be a quiet lion, don’t be a barking dog.

Do not accomplish anything. Do not have to say Because those who keep saying Will do that, do this, accomplish this

Often can only say, but not do.

Success speaks louder than you, and your words are worthless.

If you don’t succeed How long have you wasted talking

If taking that time to do As I said, you have succeeded, the lion will be silent.

Because he thinks to be real, how strong it is

The world knows from its prey, not its threat.

Be a quiet lion Don’t be a barking dog. Do anything.

Do without saying Don’t say but don’t

Words are just words, actions prove people’s worth.

Action is better than a beautiful word.

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