June 4, 2023

7 reasons you shouldn’t “Diligent in the wrong way” I know that I have to stop doing it

1: Diligent, unstable to rest, only has negative consequences.

Alluring to work all night long Do not share time to relax. In addition to causing sleep to wake up for a time.

These behaviors also destroy creativity because of the lack of adequate relief. There is no way to come up with good ideas.

Proper work and rest hours have a positive effect on both the body and the body.

2: Diligent wrong, there’s no way to get a good quality job.

Diligent work that focuses only on quantity without consideration. Don’t look the right way There is no way to get a quality job.

Changing the way of doing a new one Before doing it, think carefully. And prioritize Will get the job done faster than before and get a good and quality job

Keeping it going Without knowing how to plan the work in addition to using a longer time to work The quality does not improve either.

3: Ask yourself a little. Who are we diligent for?

Have you ever tried to stop asking yourself if Who are we working for now?

Time is spent on most of the work now. What gives us other than salary Things that have been lost, such as health

When we live with what we love, is it worth it? We diligently work hard repeatedly. Many hours a day

Without ever asking himself What we do is benefit our lives. How much people love us

Does anything that have been dedicated to make us better? Diligent and we are stationary. Or diligent, we have moved forward

4: Is it so diligent that you leave someone behind?

Is it right to look down and work without looking at the people waiting behind us?

Don’t let hard work ruin your life. Although career advancement is important But the family that supported us behind was equally important.

Moving forward without looking at the people behind Finally, in our end, what we get may be loneliness.

5: Diligent in the wrong time has a negative effect on the mind.

Anyone who likes to clear a job when it is near the ground? Raise your hand. Did you know? Working hard at the flames It is the cause of our stress and stress.

Is the body to make upset It also affects relationships with those around them. Therefore, try to manage your working time again.

Prepare work early. The problem of diligence at the wrong time will be gone.

6: Diligent is a bad example for employees.

The boss Be a family leader Own a company Should be a good role model for his subordinates Although diligent will buy the hearts of his subordinates

But if the boss is diligent and hard working but the company’s performance does not improve.

In addition to being diligent and falling Puey, his subordinates will see that our boss is not working A good leader is an example of diligence.

And time management Because the people who work are There is no need to spend hours working until late at night. To get a little bit of work

7: Is it really good to be diligent to fall?

The day-to-day vigorous work of work is very pleasant. The work of sacrificing one’s body is indifferent, causing the body to deteriorate.

An example of a homeless The most well-known of all our work is Steve Jobs, this is Jobs’ last word to remind us.

In addition to work I am not very happy.

Because in the end Wealth became the only thing that I had.

At that time I was lying on my bed.

Trying to remember my past life Found that the wealth that was once proud Back to nothing in the last period I was about to kill.

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