June 8, 2023

5 behaviors that are different from smart people

In today’s society It cannot be denied that there are really various types of people, some of which are considered to be no one want to be in a relationship with. And often they don’t realize that their personal habits bore those around them.

Of these, there is a class known as the “smart bragging”, which studies show that niggas tend to have five different habits from the smart one.

  1. People think they are better than others.

Idiots tend to be critical or critical in order to make themselves look better. Because they believe

Himself is superior and is often judgmental. With prejudice as location In addition, scientists From Brock University also found that

People with low IQ are more likely to prefer a stronger version of the program.

  1. The idiot does not care about the needs and feelings of others.

According to studies of thousands of Americans By Russell James Of Texas Tech University It was found that people with high IQ were more likely to understand empathetically.

And handing out help To anyone without expecting returns

Unlike the faint-of-heart, who could hardly imagine that How can other people have different thoughts from themselves?

And also looked at what to do To give someone without anything back is strange.

  1. The stump will show anger and aggression to cover up.

When people feel that something is not going the way they think Or was unable to control the situation They will show anger and aggression. To cover From the study of aggressive behavior and IQ levels

Researchers at the University of Michigan who spent 22 years found that there was a correlation between people with low intelligence levels. Will behave more aggressive

If in life we ​​have to meet people like this And cannot be avoided Just think of it as a habit of fools that wise people do not do. Allowance will help you understand. And feel more empathy for these people

  1. People think they are right.

In a conflict situation, stubborn arguments are vigilant in order to win. And I hardly care that In that conversation

Are there people who are smarter than themselves? While a wise person understands and accepts opinions that differ from himself.

Which the famous psychologist David Dunning It was revealed that the wise would listen and consider the whole matter. Before making a decision or saying something

  1. Foolish people blame themselves on others.

People are not responsible for what they do. And often blame others The results of a scientific study by Jason S. Moser from Michigan State University found that

Wise people will react differently. When something goes wrong Because they know that every mistake will be a lesson to be learned. So as not to make the same mistake twice

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