June 8, 2023

12 habits of people who have a high EQ, more than half can say that You are very nice

Many people tend to think that smart people tend to be good at studying, good at calculating, knowledgeable about various topics. And see that all smart people are good at work But actually did not know that Logical intelligence, or IQ, is just one thing. Which is more important than the so-called

Rarity or EQ

This will be obvious. And it weighs the exact IQ, as you’ve noticed. A talented person is usually a little friend. Because he has a high ego In the meantime A person who is not very smart but has good clothes, friendly ties. Always happy and successful And is loved by those around him What is the real distinguishing feature of an emotionally intelligent person?

Let’s take a look at how many of them she is.

  1. No ego

People with high emotional intelligence are often not the ego to make decisions. Because they don’t care who likes or dislikes. Didn’t want to be interested And do not want to benefit from anyone

What is right is said to be correct What is wrong is just saying that it is wrong.

  1. Do not be insensitive.

People with high emotional intelligence tend to fix their problems first. Learn to make mistakes. Thoroughly before telling others And if they already tell others to do

He will never do the opposite.

  1. Unpretentious

The people with high emotional intelligence are those with high self-confidence. Believe in yourself So they do not brag about themselves to anyone.

Just follow what the heart thinks is right Anyone who sees it will see. Anyone who doesn’t see it

  1. Do not try to get other people to like him.

Emotional Intelligence To know himself well as a person And always realized that So if in a situation where the vote is biased in the wrong direction

They are willing to stand. Do the right thing Even if they were hit by certain groups of people, they were happy.

  1. Not drought considerate

With an acquaintance, whether intimate or not Emotional intelligence guys always show kindness. Whether it be a matter of knowledge, ideas or even the resources they have.

It is simply called that he never spared anything. Even his reputation He was willing to give it up if it was a way to get others together.

  1. No more

Despite being as big as a master class Or even if it’s just a salesperson in a small beverage kiosk, they will treat everyone equally.

Polite as well Always respect each other’s rights.

  1. Not materialism

The happiness of those with high emotional intelligence Is to do what you want Not being swallowed by society So they don’t usually buy anything according to the order flow. But buy what you say

And they see that people who like to buy expensive things to show off their own status is not wrong Just indulge yourself.

  1. Don’t judge anyone

People with a high level of emotional intelligence are often open-minded, approachable, and somewhat attracted to the attention of others. Which of these things is very important in the work. To know someone else’s point of view Pampered him to pay attention to us a lot Will make us more than waste

If you meet someone who does something strange or different. We just have to try to learn the reasons from the perspective of the people. Only that

  1. Not Wrong

People with high emotional intelligence are more likely to be attracted to each other because they know each other well who can trust. The reason for that is

Because they tend to do as they say. Always keep your word

10.Not easily sensitive

Whether society approaches them in positive or negative ways. They are not quick to conclude. And brought up the mood, decided to hit back as a fan

But will accept everything And be re-analyzed in a constructive way all the time Any part is not necessary, just discard it.

  1. Do not repeat the way.

People with high emotional intelligence tend to follow their own life compass. Even if there are several hundred and thousands more to convince Or how good an offer is They will only choose what is really him.

They will not change. Because they believe that people Each person already has his own value. Just be proud of who we are Do not lean on anyone’s feelings or opinions.

12.I don’t care about the phone

Whenever an emotionally intelligent person joins a group discussion. They are always good speakers and listeners. What is irrelevant

Like a mobile phone They will not pay attention to it. Even if it’s just a short conversation

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