June 4, 2023

10 reasons people love to read Be smart .. able to lead people

Reading is a less common activity for people all over the world. From the results of surveys and statistics Point out that the decline is a very worrisome behavior. Because a lack of readers equals a lack of leadership This is undeniable, as reading books can help you find good leadership strategies.

Many famous leaders, from Steve Jobs to Elon Musk, were involved in the creation of many intellectual works, in part because they were readers.

  1. They have better bonding skills.

Several researchers said Reading encourages people to try to connect the reader with the characters of the book. Even if we are away from reading for several days

But our smorgas will continue to act as a medium for connecting ourselves to the experiences and behaviors of those characters. By connecting with the characters in the book, you can develop your emotional intelligence and become more connected to others.

2.They have a library of vocabulary in them.

People who enjoy reading will have more opportunities to develop vocabulary they know that conveys different emotions.

And with this improved vocabulary, that person will also have better communication skills. This helps a lot in expressing thoughts and needs. This will allow you to express your needs clearly. Lead to good leadership

3.They have a sweeping perspective.

Instead of looking at the world just from the angle that we want to perceive. Readers will see the world as a whole. Reading will help you explore new places. Take part in various discussion topics

And become part of a wide variety of stories. Having a broad perspective will keep you from getting stuck in the same stories, repetitions or just one side of the truth. Instead, you will see the world as a place. Packed with endless challenges and possibilities

4.They know a lot of people

People love to communicate and interact with their readers. Because they have a good ability to organize spoken sentences with a wide variety of vocabulary. They have a keen understanding.

And appears to be knowledgeable when talking Where the exchange of knowledge and communication with people of similar interests It is like motivating and driving readers to become more leadership as well.

5.They relax

The results of the study indicated that Reading helps reduce stress compared to other stress reduction activities such as listening to your favorite music or drinking a cup of coffee. Reading is probably the best way to get results.

Because it reduces the rate of heartbeat and releases the tension in minutes. And with a calm character Readers are people who think positively and stay focused on things. Which is suitable to be a leader better than anyone

  1. They always have something to challenge their minds.

The work of Wichai indicates that readers are people who are thinkers. That is because reading helps to build cognitive abilities. Which makes it a reasonable person and can solve problems well It is also observed that

Reading some of the stories that didn’t match our opinion. It will also affect how you think both creatively and rationally.

  1. They have something to remember their past.

Sometimes reading a book is like looking in a mirror and looking at ourselves. Some books help you remember what you already know. Reading helps filter thoughts and observations.

It also gives you the ability to harvest only important information. Always stable

8.They have more power to move themselves towards their goals.

Reading books can make you feel more energetic, positive, and confident. Readers tend to be more energetic and know better. In order to find different ways

That will lead to success Reading can help you become more mentally stable, sharp, and energetic.

9.They have better concentration.

People who read books regularly Will be able to concentrate on long-term work Avid readers are highly disliked when anything is disturbing. Or when having to put down a book

This is another element of being a good reader.

  1. They are good time handlers.

Reading can be done anywhere and anytime. Instead of just waiting and acting passively Reading back is a valuable way to help us manage time and get things done. Get more done

Because every wasted minute can be used to read a book with great value. Knowing the value of time is most common among leaders. Because all leaders know that time is the most valuable thing in life that will enable them to achieve their goals.

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