June 4, 2023
When it comes to running out of money, there is someone who wants to be with you. (Well written)

When it comes to running out of money, there is someone who wants to be with you. (Well written)

Human life

We need to be with different types of people.

Not alone in this world But having someone by your side How do you know if he is sincere?

And he truly cares about you if you have not been in a depressing and destitute…

How many people do you know yourself? If you know a lot of people Have you ever tried to ask yourself like this …

If in the time the underdog doesn’t have any money, who else will be next to you? Someone He Really Knows You

How many people will be left People to help you Friend It is encouraging to be side by side, how many people will there be ??

You don’t just say that you know a lot of people. If you yourself have not been underdog Still never cornered

Do not tell anyone that you have a lover. Many helpers if you have not been through a difficult time in your life when you are in trouble.

It is not always certain that people will always reach out to help.

Friends… focus on quality, not on quantity.

It’s like you’re driving a truck full of potatoes. It does not hold the value of a night pearl or a beautiful diamond in one hand.

I have one apple. How to share Divide it to her in half. This is .. Kindness from friends I ate the rest of the bites for you. This is .. Young love

I didn’t eat a single bite for you, my whole child, that was my mom and dad.

Is there anything to eat? This is a person in society… !!

What day is the young man? Therefore know that any woman really loves you

When a young woman is not beautiful So he knew which man would be by his side

Whenever you do something embarrassing, you know who is honest with you.

Side by side, not because you have money, so I follow.

Nourishing Raksa is not because you are beautiful, so I care and care.

Remnants from time to time Not wealth Not a beauty look

But .. is sincere. The night turns past days, may not be binding, should not be known but face, but .. should know.

When we are in a difficult time

It’s like Wherever you look, you’ll encounter only problems.

It felt like I was walking in a tunnel where the light was not visible. And of course

We do not let this moment pass as quickly as possible.

And the more our hearts force it to disappear Suffering is the more common to us.

10 things to think about when life is in the worst

  1. In a moment, it will pass.

If we are Buddhists We would have been familiar with the teaching that everything happened, stood and then died.

Whether it is happiness or suffering, it will not be with us forever. It will pass. Just understand this simple matter

  1. There are some good things.

When we are immersed in suffering We tend to focus on the problem. Until forgetting to look at the good things There are many things that happen each day.

Try writing a thank you or writing something nice each day and we will find that. In fact There are good things in our life. Happened in a lot of simple ways, it is

We woke up one more day in perfect health, ready to fight our problems. And benefit the world for one more day and so on

  1. There are things I can control.

When there is a problem with us It would seem as though we couldn’t deal with it at all. But in fact, what we can manage is ourselves, our thoughts.

How to choose our responses Be mindful and use wisdom to solve problems.

It is important to remember that Happiness or sorrow Born in our own hearts Not anyone else

  1. Can I ask for help?

It’s not strange if we ask for help when we need it. But first, we should try to deal with the problem ourselves.

But when it’s above your shoulders It’s not wrong to seek help from other people. Especially our family members

People who love us, they are always ready to help us. You are not alone in this world.

  1. Many things happened. In a few years it will not matter any more.

Think about when we were young. Our greatest problem is Forgetting our homework book, we feel like the world is going to collapse. But when we grow up

We look back We can laugh at that story. Every problem comes through to make us stronger and grow.

When you can pass it This will be another story that is like your childhood homework book only.

  1. I can handle it.

No one will be sure of me. If we are not confident in ourselves first No one will always help us. If we don’t help ourselves

No matter what problems arise in your life, be mindful and encourage yourself that I can handle it

Even if we were feeling bad at the time, just remember that we can get through it.

  1. Good things will arise from this event.

The coin also has two sides, just like every story in our life that has a variety of looks to choose from.

On the day we encounter problems, such as the people we love and dedicate everything to Come back and leave us That can be an important lesson and test. That makes us come back to love ourselves

And see more of their own worth Start doing something good for your life instead of wasting time in the same grief as before.

And the result is Better life Develop as we have expected With our own skills, etc. Look for the advantages

  1. I can accept things that are beyond my control.

In real life, there are many factors that we cannot control, the less we control them.

Do not force it. We have more suffering. Accepting this truth

And let go of putting your physical, spiritual energy into what we can control, that is, we are better off ourselves.

  1. I have been through difficult things in my life.

Sometimes looking back on your accomplishments can help you with your intentions, efforts, or stories. From the troubles of the past in the past

We can still get through it. And this is just another test that we can pass as well.

  1. I will have to take care of myself.

No one will love us as much as we love ourselves, so take good care of our physical health and heart.

In this life, there are many stories that are waiting for us. Don’t stop yourself Just a temporary problem today, keep on fighting

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