October 4, 2023
6 points of encouragement on any day ..

6 points of encouragement on any day ..

Depend on mountains, landslides, rely on people, people run away, and only oneself can rely on All of us, whether young, middle or old, have to be self-sufficient.

Especially in the present day Raising children to take care of themselves when they are old may not be possible. When old has to rely on himself only. So if we are old How do I not have to rely on my grandchildren? Do not rely on other people.

Everyone is getting older every day. No one can change When faced with the aging that is approaching You have to remember these 6 ways of living for a happy old age. Although it will not be annoying to the children

  1. Live by yourself

People are getting old and still have to rely on themselves. Children cannot rely on Do not leave the hope of letting your child take care of them when they are old The children also have their jobs. They have a lot of pressure.

You go to be with your child I often have something that cannot be said. Make it unhappy Better fight in my own old house. Live a calm, simple, everyday life. Save money when you are young. Do not share treasures with your children too quickly.

Remember, your parents, however, are your children. But whatever the child does, it is not that of his parents. It’s time you open your hand to ask for money. Will know how heavy it is

  1. Living a healthy life. The strength is the most important.

The older it is, the more important it is to be healthy, eat good food, sleep enough, and walk on your own so that you won’t burden other people with dignity When I get older

We need to maintain health. Busy with others less. Take care of yourself more. Exercise. Learn how to take care of the health.

  1. Live happily Make life full of music

Find things to do. Listen to popular music, dance, don’t make yourself feel bad.

Don’t demand that all day. Need to relax Beaming Chasing away troubles and sorrows Make yourself happy

  1. Life is worry-free.

Children’s story Anything that can be managed can help manage it. What can’t be managed Or don’t want you to manage There is no need to worry It will become a good, not good.

This makes the children even more annoyed. Their story Do not interfere Learn to accept People are getting old and just manage themselves. Do not have to bother with other people. The more busy it gets, the harder it gets.

  1. Live a life without merit.

People are old, do not care about the small things. Old stories to say all the time Have you helped anyone Are other people good to you? Let it pass You know yourself enough They want you to help take care of their grandchildren.

I was frustrated all day. I keep complaining in front of my grandchildren that it is difficult for myself, so I don’t want to do it, and find an excuse.

Find a way to deny it. If you think you are very dedicated But getting less reward and reluctance to do it, you will be in trouble for free. Go help and your children will think that you are very serious. Not talking about you in a positive light

  1. Live generous.

Get old, don’t have to be strict with yourself Open up For example, eat what you eat, wear anything, wear anything, do not ask for value, do not be afraid to spend money. It is a life that should be spent for yourself.

If you are not very generous with yourself Good to myself Money will become an inheritance. You can’t take a single penny.

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