June 4, 2023

11 things “people act like” they do often

  1. Speaking in a quiet manner, being silent may shut down the opportunity to show your potential. But with some people or cases

Speaking of which is useless Will only cause harm to oneself, so keep quiet, for example, talking with a thug Clarification with the blockers of thought and persuade the lack of heart, etc.

  1. To learn the heart of a person Or test competitors A wise man throws a stone to ask him.

Feigned by the wind To assess the situation in which the other party is operating Before proceeding with any plans

  1. Situation for learning Even if you already know some things But believe that

Learning more will make you more master. When you need a subject, don’t make yourself a full glass of water.

  1. When confronted with bragging people The wise will cope with bragging people. With humility and listening Better than to raise each other back and forth

Because he knows the principle that “There are only fools. To believe in pretending to be exaggerated “

  1. When wanting to create great mercy To stop thinking of yourself as the center of the universe And make himself small and limp

Sometimes it makes you cute. Rather than laying power

  1. The “first time in life” situation: Doing something for the first time. Should not be active.

We still don’t know the context. I don’t know who is the face of Inna Phrom Therefore, transfer is something that must be done.

  1. When you know but you don’t know all, compare it to people looking at the sky. Said that the world is full of birds People looking down the river Said that the world is full of fish

Indeed There are birds and fish in this world. If we focus on only one side, we do not think that it is a politician. Should be learned with a wide range of experiences To increase knowledge

  1. Psychology of self-development step by step. Release of goods, Max, a single locker, parked Does not look as good as a few drops But increase from one to two

Two, three, go step by step, that shows that you should know the timing of your potential And always evolving

  1. Techniques to borrow other people’s strength. Many times, skill makes you Having to work excessively But if you know what to hide

It will make it easy for others to reach out to help, depending on ability. To create alliances too

  1. Parables Even if you want to attack and argue something But if the timing can’t be silent Weigh that. Being a prominent person with a wide range of enemies

With the impudent, seemingly no danger, which one is better The history page has clever characters that The speed is very fast, so see the wall to walk around, do not hit directly, wait for a certain rhythm.

  1. The more intelligent a person is Even more have to pretend to pretend to be stupid Sometimes clever It may help us survive in a very tight situation.

But many times, wisdom comes with dangers, especially those that come from humans. Only smart people To know the value of stupidity

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