June 8, 2023

Why .. people want to quit their jobs even though they know the economy is bad

The word out of work has many reasons. But I believe that during this hour, no one will lose their job, no one will leave a stable income.

Although some people get very little But it is a stable income, at least it is available to all of us. Months without us having to worry about that

Will there be money this month? What will you eat next month? But leave work for what

Let’s take a look at what the causes are and how they can be resolved.

  1. A tough and patient office lady who recently quit her job.

And now I haven’t got a new job. The reason for leaving the job, this girl said

Because with the work done and the salary is not balanced

And the work is quite stressful because the management is a very neat and fussy person

There will be rules for employees to follow as if they were at school. Which she has to take care of these matters

And, of course, became there as it was looking for with employees together

Because most of the employees like the rules, they get hit and do not cooperate.

In addition, the high pressures make people tired every day and feel that they are not worth the salary.

Therefore, resigning to get the front sword was the way she chose.

Even though it’s not supported yet, at least coming out is uncomfortable.

Which is now receiving social security compensation along with

Sign up for a new job Which was only a month ago, but she believed that soon

Will get a job because many places have contacted and called for interviews

  1. The IT guy who thinks freelancing can achieve more financial goals than sitting in a small company.

This young man has the knowledge of computer repair. Programming

Managing the systems of the computer is a new power.

And think that working in a company to save capital to run a small business of its own

And looking for an experience, it’s not fun Also, IT work in companies that do it is not much.

Plus having to work other duties as it is a small company There are not many direct IT jobs, but they are open to IT.

Because it is just to help solve immediate problems, but assign other tasks to do

Which he felt at first it was well worth the salary he received

But suddenly it seems that knowledge is lost, so he starts accepting work outside of the holidays. Which did it, saw the money and challenged the knowledge learned

So he thinks coming out as a freelancer, looking for this kind of job directly would be best for him. Some jobs earn more than their salary.

And that makes him think that it can be time and money free.

  1. Look forward to the apartment that aims at the end of this year to return home to the provinces.

After working in the capital for many years Doing since being a construction worker Factory worker

Finally, come to the end of a career or security. Various reasons for changing jobs

Because of the economy and income that is not worth tired

Working hard but getting daily wages since labor, carrying and breaking holidays

Broken over there Causing him to find a new job until he got to work in a factory

Which has been done for many years, has a lot of money to send home, build a small, stable house

There was money for his parents to successfully redeem the fields that were few hectares.

Sent home until parents leave Home and field leave relatives. To take care of farming instead, not to take the rent

Because brothers and sisters just ask for the rice that we can cook for them when they go back to see the house The uncle himself came and got a girlfriend at the factory and lived and lived with only one child.

Which seems to be good, but economic science caused the factory to go bankrupt, it was closed more than ten years ago. With that at that time there was still strength to fight life in the city

Therefore came to apply because of the good income As for the boyfriends and uncle’s children, they have to go back to the country instead.

By sending money every month To cultivate, grow vegetables, take care of the house and fields

And now your uncle says that he is old and better than going back to the country, everything will prosper

The 3 rai of rice fields are divided for them to rent and keep them for their own farming. Just one rai, grow vegetables, raise fish.

The child grows up and is near the end of the school and probably looks for work at home. He told me to have enough life in the capital Expensive expenses, paid wages

Was hit by the low cost of renting houses, the price is still rising every year Food and travel expenses

Deducted holidays, income 700 per day, not much left.

He told me where he got a lot because he had been working well for a long time and the company gave him more money. The owner of the place that you come to give him extra special

He said that he was at home with no words to starve if he was diligent. There are things to eat every day, no need to buy if you know how to do it.

You see that from the example quoted to look at it

It’s just a fraction of the way out of work. Actually, there are more reasons. But everyone who talked and inquired, everyone thought that leaving the job

Make things better Although it is a matter of the future, the same thing is With all my heart at work Get out of power in the fight against wages.

If you are thinking about leaving your job, think twice about why you quit.

Come out and what are you going to do? Find a reason to support Find a way out and you can leave the job.

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