June 8, 2023

Very good life teaching ideas about “I bite the rock”

Once upon a time There was a rich man who had a son who did not love good.

Like to eat and play with friends

Never imagined to make a living Parents, whatever admonition, they cannot obey.

In the end, the rich man was poor, but before he went away, he had placed each blister of gold and silver in a blister.

And by virtue he has accumulated Resulting in the rich

As for the rich man’s child, when his parents died, the more he got.

Only spend money to feed friends to hang out and have fun It didn’t take long and the money was running out.

One by one, the friends who had surrounded him and found him disappeared.

Later one day a friend invited him to have a meal as usual.

He was instructed to the wealthy children that if they really thought of going to eat Was to take a chicken to join in eating with one.

The rich man’s son went to eat a lot. Even though he has no money.

Still kept searching for one of the chickens until

Then he managed to wash the hot water, unload it, and wrap the banana leaves to prepare to go to the banquet

When he walked for a moment

Because of being exhausted, he stopped under the trees by the road.

Then fell asleep Incidentally, there was A crow perched on a tree. Can smell the chicken meat emanating from the banana leaves

So it flew down and took the banana leaf wrap, so he had to go to a banquet empty-handed.

When arriving at a friend’s house who made an appointment for a banquet, they tell their friends about it.

But no one believed his words.

Everyone thought that he wouldn’t have the wisdom to get chickens. Therefore made up excuses

He was also taken by a friend at the event to take out the poop.

That there was no wisdom to get chickens And still go to blame the crows.

The rich man’s son, both embarrassed and embarrassed, decided not to join the party.

Hurried back home When he arrived home, he still didn’t feel hurt.

Think of when he was rich in the past With friends around the back

And then he gave birth to regret, could not eat, could not sleep, and his body flattened down.

The parents saw the symptoms of their children so He couldn’t help but feel pity.

“That’s it, son. When your parents were still teaching you

About the use of money and gold when having difficulty poverty

Who will respect you? It is possible to talk about the truth.

May you be conscious and improve yourself. Parents will help you. “

In that dream, the rich man thought therefore promised to his parents that

This will now cease to behave in the same manner. Then will improve oneself

Will intend to make a living build up a fortune Raise yourself to have enough money Will no longer allow anyone to insult him.

When parents heard it, the children were very satisfied. When the child promises to return

Being a good person, he told me where to hide the blisters of silver and gold in that dream.

When I opened my eyes

The rich man’s son hurriedly went to dig for the blisters of money and gold blisters. Found a real gold blister according to the dream

Therefore bringing the money in the blister to make capital and earnestly earn a living diligently He soon recovered.

When he returned The friend who ran away Began to return to associate more every day.

The rich man still remembers the day that his friends had not forgotten.

One day, the rich man saw an opportunity and invited a friend to feast. As when still rich as before

Friends were all coming together. And while having fun and having fun

The rich man has brought a few knives that only have a handle. Come and show a friend to look at one book And said that


Just left it overnight, I came back. All of this is gone. “

The friends, upon hearing this, accepted their faith. Some people think that

“It’s true as a friend said. This is terrible.

Our knives have been hit like a friend, like this, there is nothing wrong with it. “

The other friends said “yes, yes,” two words differently.

The rich man’s son, when he heard so Then realized that

“When we are so tough that we will be looked down upon by people. The words spoken have no weight.

Even if I speak the truth, no one has believed it, but when it comes to getting rich and wealthy.

How to say true or false, people will accept and trust. “

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