June 8, 2023
The reminders are very good, “Chaba” did not think of being “rose”

The reminders are very good, “Chaba” did not think of being “rose”

“Chaba” doesn’t think of wanting to be a “rose”, so everyone can read it. To add encouragement to himself as well

If talking about grass

If in a pot plant is excess, but if in a wide field It will always be beautiful and beautiful

Baht coins

In a restaurant It’s just a fraction of a coin, but if going to the front of the bathroom that requires coin drops

Even a billionaire Still need the coin, everyone has the same value

But must stay for Right at the right time Know where is right for us Where are we most valuable?

The world is full of Flowers

Hibiscus never rose, rose never bragged that he was more expensive. On valentine’s day

Mister wake up late Never doubt that Why don’t you wake up early? Like a sunflower They all grow in a suitable environment for themselves.

Then bloomed beautifully to see according to the season it was supposed to be

But people tend to wonder and raise themselves to compare that

Why am I not like everyone else? I don’t have him, why am I not? I’m not like this, why would others want us? So like this

Must be rich like this Must be like that person To be called Successful, the bully misses the opportunity to ask himself what we really want.

Who am I important to? And what can it do for whom? In fact, in nature, hibiscus never became a rose, and roses never claimed that they were more expensive. On valentine’s day

Every tree has its own duties. Of their own fully, do not waste time on the highs, belittling themselves or comparing others.

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