October 4, 2023

The idea from Mae Nan’s burnt mackerel is more understandable to others

My mother is a home cook every day. One night after my mother worked hard all day. My mother came home tiredly.

And cook dinner for us as usual at the dining table Mom put a plate with Charred mackerel

On the table in front of my father and everyone, I waited to see what each of them would say?

But my father said nothing and focused on eating that burning mackerel and asked me how was it at school.

That night, after dinner, I remember hearing my mum apologizing to dad for the burnt mackerel. And I never forgot what my father said to my mother.

“Oh my, dad likes charred mackerel, it’s delicious, Mom.”

The next night, I kept the question in mind. Before going to bed and asking dad if

“Do you really like fried mackerel?”

Father stroked my head and replied:

“Your mother has worked hard all day. One burnt mackerel has never hurt anyone.

But the words that are against each other are hurt. “

Our life is full of imperfections.

And each person was not born perfect.

We ourselves are nothing better than anyone, but what my father learned during his life is.

Learning to admit the mistakes of others and oneself, choosing to be pleased with the different ideas of individuals

It is important to maintain a happy and healthy family life.

“Our lives are too short to wake up with sorrow. That we make mistakes with those we love and love us.

To take care and nurture It is better for those who love us and try to understand and forgive. ”

Let me remind you once more .. If we know, will we do it?

I will honk the trumpets on people who stand shrug on the roadside. Is the past split?

If we know that he has a prosthetic leg

Are we going to crowd the people in front of us who walk very slowly?

If we know that he has just lost his job

Will we laugh at people who dress up?

If we know that he only has one good set

We will insult the factory girl. Do you come to the mall?

If we know that is your birthday celebration

Shall we stop that uncle who laughs loudly?

If you know you are the final

We always know exactly what our life is going through.

But we never know what “the person we meet is going to meet.”

The world is wider than our shadow And the world does not revolve around us. Ignore the little things, give them a chance and forgive them.

Have mutual understanding Will love and live together for a long time

Don’t forget to share it for others. Believe that this story will help many.

Live happily And more calm

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