June 8, 2023
Teaching from Mother’s Heart Leave to women And all daughters

Teaching from Mother’s Heart Leave to women And all daughters

My son..you always remember that

Good looks are not measured in clothes. The price tag doesn’t tell the social level.

Mistakes begin again

A smile is the most beautiful makeup of a woman.

Only compete with yourself.

Optimist Not a beautiful world But in the world he is beautiful because he sees all things good No matter what

Life without bank No need to leave with anyone Take responsibility for your life 100%.

The best leader in life That you can find for yourself is yourself

You can be strong As much as my heart is determined to be

Be gentle, humble, but not weak.

Wrong, I apologize, appreciate it, thank you.

Health is important. And more expensive than anything that your child can buy

Your child is not a star in front of the camera. There is no filming scene, you don’t have a role. Be yourself.

A mirror is not a sign of beauty; look at yourself with love. A beautiful child in her own way

Don’t give any definition. Determine the potential of the children, their profession, their children’s worldviews And the future of your child

Choose wisely.

Having children is a must as well.

No money is happy to spend as much as our own money.

No love from any man Can fill the life of any woman You must learn to love yourself to be

Honor and dignity It is something that we should adhere to. No wealth can buy our souls.

If it hits people badly, look at him with sincere love and the whole world will smile every new morning for your child. With cheerfulness

Not everyone is bad with their children. To be a bad person And not everyone who is good with their children is a good person. And protect yourself well

Household chores are not the only work of women. But if it is a job (of) a house That everyone who loves each other They were willing to help and share one another willingly.

Do not be faintly believe anything easily. Be wise Because of what the child received Will gradually mold your child into such a person

Opinion of people They are both cheap and expensive. Value it correctly And buy it well

Time is valuable, do not exchange it for gossip. Who goes out to create and do good things is better.

You may not be loved and loved by everyone. But if the child loves even the person who does not love him My life will not have to bear anything again.

And lastly ..

Remember .. I love you. And will love you forever

This is true That nothing can be changed, no matter how long the time has changed Your child is always loved and in demand.

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