June 8, 2023

Reminder The way of real people, not acting outstanding, not boasting

The story goes that the father invited his son to go for a walk to the edge of the forest. When he reached the bend, he stopped and asked him if

In addition to the sound of birds What other sounds can you hear?

The child stopped walking and looked up before answering that in addition to the sound of birds There was still a chariot running.

Dad said it was correct. And that’s a wagon that didn’t carry anything.

The son was surprised, so he asked his father if

How did you know that it was an empty chariot? Because the chariot is even more empty The sound will be even louder.

When the little boy grew up Every time you meet someone who bragged, bragged, talked, cut off other people. Self-centered There was no one in the eyes to look at other people.

He always felt like his father whispered in his ear.

The carriage was even more empty. The sound will be even louder.

Someone who is skilled at walking across a brook, water, or stream. Before wading into the water He often picked up a stone and threw it into the water. To estimate the depth of the water

The higher the water spray, the higher The shallow the water in the stream. On the other hand If the splashes of water are even less

And also combined with a quiet stream of water You have to say that So the water gets deeper

Remember, still waters run deep. Silent deep water

The carriage was even more empty. The sound will be even louder. People are good, but do not stand out. Unpretentious

Not talking about him, it seems to be the way of real people.

If these principles are brought to life with the people we meet

Will notice that People are calm when chatting with others. Always be able to avoid conflicts with the interlocutor. And can also absorb and perceive other people’s opinions Instead of being tough

But only on one side Those who walk with impatience As nails often cannot be seen on the floor,

People full of worries Did not know the taste of happy days No matter in this world is bigger than the ocean. But the north is bigger than the sky

Even though the sky is great and all around But still wide against the human mind

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